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During our garage sale a couple weeks ago Denis pulled out a box that turned out to have three old scrapbooks from my past. My childhood, college and post-college years. I believe I went through these same albums a few years ago because I’ve definitely scanned some of the photos in the albums and posted them on Facebook. But here are a select few that I know have not been scanned before.

What’s funny is that I have a lot of photos in those albums that I most definitely did not take, or of events was not a part of. Some college friends of mine took a road trip one year and I somehow have their pictures in my scrapbook. Same goes with some party photos from spring break my senior year of college that were clearly taken before I got there (my friends all went for an entire week, I went for a weekend). How/why I ended up with those photos, I’ll never know. But they are funny to look at, even if I don’t get the reference.

One fun series of photos is from when I was in high school. I did a five-week volunteer “internship” through school at a daycare in my town. Each Friday I had to volunteer for a few hours, and at the end of my five weeks I had to write an essay about my experience. I have no idea for which class that assignment was done, but the report is in my scrapbook – I got a 96 on it. I also have 25-30 pictures of all those kids. I included one in the slideshow below that is particularly adorable. I have no memory of their names, but it’s interesting to think that those toddlers in the pictures are now in their early 30s!

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