Chicago…It Might Be My Kind of Town

So, ever one to plan a vacation, I’m attempting to find someplace cheap but fun for Denis and me to visit next year. Right now I’m leaning towards Chicago for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March. The airfare would certainly be great (about $160 per person), and there’s the potential to get very cheap accommodations through my parents.

Sure, the weather will be cold – but I like the cold (and Denis tolerates it if there is a nearby bar to duck into for warmth and a quick beer). I’ve never been to Chicago but everyone who has been there swears it’s fabulous and worth visiting. So I figured why not? Denis and I can add it to our list of vacation cities we’ve visited together, which so far includes:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
  • Montauk, Long Island, NY
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • New Orleans, LA (twice)
  • Memphis & Nashville, TN
  • Savannah, GA
  • Honolulu, HI

    Other places I want to go for vacation in my life include (in no particular order):

  • Glacier Bay, Alaska (they have kayak tours that I long to take!)
  • England – I’ve been there (lived there even), but not lately
  • Paris, France – Denis will never go (he hates the French)
  • Montreal, Canada – Denis won’t go (again the whole French thing)
  • Maine – I went there for a wedding a long time ago but would love to visit more of the state
  • Ireland – I’ll go anywhere in Ireland really
  • Athens, Greece – I’ve heard the beaches are fabulous
  • Barbados – I’ve heard it’s the nicest of the Carribbean islands
  • Las Vegas, NV – I’ve never been
  • Italy – four cities (Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice)
  • Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Moscow, Russia
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    1. I hear Charleston, SC, is a great place to visit. ECD is from there, too.

      Chicago is great – if you wait until April then you could get baseball tickets at Wrigley, which would make Denis happy.

    2. WoW we really need to start vacationing together. Who cares about Anthony (doesn’t fly over water) and Denis. We can go off on our own.

      We have alot of cities in common that we both want to visit. i.e. Prague, Montreal, Rome & Athens.

    3. Chicago is a great city to visit! We love it there. There’s so much to do. Make sure you visit the Museum and Shedd Aquarium. They are lots of fun with or without kids.
      I am yearning to go to Ireland! I was just looking at pics of Ireland before I came to your site.

    4. I’ve been to Chicago before. That’s why I’m willing to go in March. Jen, I’ve been to a game at Wrigley too. My favorite stadium ever, I think.

      As for the others, I want to go to England, I’ve been to Montreal. I liked it and would go back. Not sure where Jaynee gets her info from some times. *lol* Greece could be nice. Barbados, I’ve not heard too many good things about it. There are many other islands I’d rather visit before that one., Vegas, been there, lost enough already, not worth going back. I’m sure I can add a few places to the list. Ireland for example. Scotland too. Arizona/Texas?

    5. Maine is disgustingly picturesque. Seriously, you will vomit from taking in all the New England perfectness, especially in the Fall. It’s a living luxury car commercial. Even the not-so-nice parts of Portland are sickeningly cute!

      Vegas: Go to say you’ve been. You may get fed up after 48 hours. Though maybe you’ll tolerate it longer if you do the desert/nature thing aside from the strip and take in some shows, of course (I’m not much of a gambler). It’s really amazing to see the mountains ringing the area for the first time.

    6. Ya man Chicago is awesome. I went there for some training a couple of months ago and it beats any other city i have been to. If you are into muesuems there are some really good ones there.

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