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Hey all – sorry I haven’t posted in a while – the weekend swept by and I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday. My family arrives in advance of CootieBoy’s arrival tomorrow and so I’ve spent a good portion of today just cleaning the house a little bit. Not a lot – because my mom would be so disappointed if she had nothing to clean while she was here. But enough that I won’t be completely ashamed when she walks in the door.

The Cootie household has become the Olympics household – I’ve had it on just about all weekend long. CootieGirl only watches when the swimming competitions are on (something tells me my little water baby is going to be a swimmer when she gets older). Denis only watches when he’s too lazy to go into another room.

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  1. I just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck tomorrow!!! I cannot wait to see pictures of little CootieBoy! I’m so happy for all of you.

  2. Thank you. We’ll be leaving for the hospital in another hour and a half. I’m sure I’ll get some photos of little CootieBoy Cole on one of these sites ( included) by the end of day. Hopefully, I’ll have a little story to tell too. A good one.

  3. Please phone, fax, email, snail-mail me (the office) an update !!!!!

    Everyone is EAGERLY awaiting the news – M.

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