Checking in to the Timeshare

So on Friday morning we made the long trek to the timeshare. It took about 8 hours when it could have taken 6 1/2. The GPS on Denis’ PDA insisted on taking us north to Asheville and then west and south to the mountain where we were staying. We found out the next morning when consulting the local maps that would COULD have avoided going north to Asheville and just stayed on Rte 64 all the way up the mountain.

The timeshare itself was a bit dated. The decor hadn’t been updated since the 1980s, I think. The suite had a kitchen, living/dining area, bathroom and a bedroom. The bed was a double – and when you’ve been in a king bed for the past few years it is HARD to go down to a double and be comfortable.

We didn’t do anything the first night since we had spent all day on the road – we just watched a bit of tv and then crashed hard. We did a quick “bug check” to make sure there were no spiders in the bed (it was in the mountains, you may recall), and quickly fell into uncomfortable sleep…

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