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Last night Denis put the last two dining room chairs together so now we have a lovely full set. It’s GORGEOUS. I also got into a mode last night and we moved the piano into the dining room in preparation for having to move it into the sunroom when we redo the hardwoods in November. The dark wood of the piano matches the table and china cabinet PERFECTLY. Now all we need is a lockable liquor cabinet and we’re good to go in there for a while!

I also very briefly moved the furniture around in the living room, and promptly moved it back. I hate our living room because it’s impossible to put your furniture in any good sort of pattern. I’ve said it before, but we’ve had no less than eight incarnations in there in the two years we’ve lived there. Nothing satisfies me. I almost wish we didn’t have the stupid fireplace and radiator below the bay window because then the room would be a LOT more workable. Good thing our new furniture is light so that it was not a big deal to move it twice in one night. I can’t wait to be in a house that is built in such a way that placing furniture is easy. Either that, or I can’t wait to blow out the baywindow wall, extend the living room about three feet out and then REALLY have a living room I can work with.

I also put away my laundry, and Denis vacuumed. All in all a relatively useful evening.

Oh, and Jun is going to win Big Brother 4.

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  1. Oh, yeah, and Denis cleaned the toilets. What about bricking up the fireplace? There’s no way we are going to blow out the bay window while we are in that house. Let’s save our money for the next one we build.

  2. Extending the bay window wall is the best option for improving that room. If you had the dough to do it – just bringing that wall out even with the front door would help.

  3. Yes, Jen, that is Jaynee’s plan, but we don’t have the money to do that. Why would we want to make a major improvement on that for a house we are only planning on living in another five-seven years? Let’s spend those tens of thousands of dollars in the new home. We can live with the place just as it is. And, Marmie, I wasn’t serious about bricking up the fireplace. I know it is good for resale.

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