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So Denis and I discovered that the railings on our backdeck are completely rotted. After a bit of discussion we’ve decided to just cut off the railings and have an open deck. It will mean putting a real gate on the side of the house where the deck is, but that shouldn’t be nearly as expensive as replacing the entire railing.

In other news, Denis is taking steps to revamp our lawns. Today he concentrated on the front lawn. A friend of Denis’ from work gave him specific instructions and claimed that by mid-summer our front lawn would be de-clovered, de-weeded and full of really nice grass. So he raked up all the leaves, thinned out what little remaining grass we have and laid down new seed and fertilizer. I was all for just laying down new sod in the fall, but Denis’ co-worker swears by his method, so we’re giving it a whirl.

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  1. Remember that the real key to having the grass come in is watering ~ give it a very light misting in the morning and afternoon so that it stays moist (not drenched) all the time. You’ll have those soft, lovely new sprouts coming in before you know it! I’ll be doing some re-seeding in areas of our back garden tomorrow.

  2. Marmie, thanks for the gardening advice. I watered this morning. I’ll water again this afternoon.

  3. If you remove the railing and have an open deck, aren’t there more chances of the kids falling off?

    I know its not a large drop, but any drop isn’t a good one.

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