CG’s Teacher Conference

Last night I attended CootieGirl’s teacher conference. I’m so happy about the teachers my kids got this year – they are awesome teachers who are really gung-ho about making sure their kids are learning, and learning at a pace that won’t let them fall behind and struggle.

CG’s teacher, like CB’s teacher, comes from a background doing 3rd grade. So she has high expectations for her students in 2nd grade. She assigns a fair amount of homework and expects it to be done correctly and on time. We don’t always accomplish that (CG HATES homework), but we try.

Her reading has come a long way. She tested at a 1.1 on some test a couple months ago, but her teacher chalked it up to the fact that CG had to step away from the test, which was timed. The 2-3 minutes she was gone resulted in a lower test score. I’m happy to report that she is now reading at 2.7, which is right where she needs to be. She is also reading at a Level K, which is also where she needs to be. Her teacher was very happy that CG is getting more comfortable with her reading, and she has come a long way since even a month ago.

She is very good at math, but her teacher did say that occasionally she’ll catch CG drifting during math, and not listening to the lesson. So far that hasn’t affected CG’s ability to do her work, but her teacher said they will be soon be doing subtraction and addition by tens (meaning 23+46 and 32-17) and that it’ll require more concentration. But CG has been consistently scoring Bs and As on her quizzes, so her teacher was happy about that.

As for her other subjects, she’s doing well. She does really well on her science tests (scoring a perfect 100 on the quiz this week about animals and their environments). She also does a decent job with social studies.

Behaviorally she is very chatty in class (no surprise there *lol*) but is usually easily put back on task with a quick word from teacher. She is sometimes involved in playground politics with her girlfriends, but I already knew about that. Her teacher said that she always tries to get them to resolve their issues on their own and that it normally works out fine in the end.

All in all, a good report from her teacher. I’m most happy about the reading thing. I can tell she’s getting more confident in her reading for this reason alone: when I had to take both kids to CB’s cub scouts meeting on Tuesday night, she voluntarily TOOK A BOOK with her to read during the meeting. Not a toy, not a doll, not a game. A BOOK.

That’s huge, people. And very, very awesome.

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  1. Great report! So glad to hear that she has made huge strides in her reading. A weekly trip to the library might be in order! 🙂

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