CG’s Last Sleepover

So this is going to be CG’s last sleepover for a LONG LONG time. She just doesn’t get the concept of “having a guest over” and “being a good host” and “not being selfish” (like my “quotes?”). Things got rough soon after Denis took CB to the store – CG and Little Miss M played for about 15 minutes and then LMM came down and said, “Where’s CG?”

“She’s not with you?” I asked.

“No, we were playing and then she just walked away.”

I found CG and asked her what was up, and CG said, “I just didn’t want to play anymore.”

And it went from there. Poor LMM – she’s just trying to play and have fun on the sleepover, and CG doesn’t want to do ANYTHING but fuss and cry and whine. If I were LMM I’d be ready to go home right about now.

But in fact, it’s CG that wants her to go home. When she saw our neighbors’ kids in their backyard she wanted to go play with them. I reminded her she had company and she should stay here and play. “But I want to go play with T!” she whined, crossing her arms in defiance.

“And I said no,” I replied.

Then CG lied and said, “I want to play in my sandbox,” and went out back – and straight back to the fence where T was playing on his swingset.

I took LMM out back and she and I began making sandcastles in CG’s sandpit. When CG came over, I took her to the side and told her she was being a bad host. She said, “I just wanted to play with T,” so I said, “You can play with T tomorrow – today you have invited LMM to your house and you need to be with her.”

“I don’t want LMM here.”

“You want me to take her home?” I asked, aghast at the idea of calling LMM’s mother to tell her I was bringing LMM home.

CG nodded, huge tears in her eyes. “I don’t want to play with her anymore.”

“Fine, I’ll call her mom.”

“No!” CG cried, “Don’t call her!”

We went back and forth for a few minutes and in the end LMM and I came inside while CG decided to help Denis rake up stuff in the backyard. So LMM and I brought out the blender, picked out our favorite ice cream and made milkshakes for ourselves. As we finished LMM’s milkshake, CG came in and all of a sudden was happy to participate and play. I was TICKED.

It’s 7:12 p.m. and right now they are in a “having fun together” phase – they are both banging on some toy drums we have and singing. We’re about to start the movie and Denis and I are counting down the time until we put them to bed. If only so that LMM’s feelings are spared in case CG turns on her again.

Suffice to say, CG will not be having friends stay the night anymore for a long long time to come.

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  1. She’s a bit young to understand the concept. I don’t think you all had friends over until you were 7 or 8.

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