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Last night Denis and I watched more Celebrity Poker on Bravo Network. I love that show. We were remarking that we needed to get up a poker night now that we know how to play Texas Hold’em, and sure enough – this morning we found an email from our friends M&J inviting us to a poker night at their place in Brooklyn on February 7!

Now if I can only figure out the rules of betting. Sometimes watching the show I can’t figure out how they are betting and the raises/checks/calls. Next week is the two-hour finale – maybe by the end of that two hours I’ll know what is supposed to be done. Although I think I’ll end up being like Scott Stapp last night – thinking I won and finding out that my two pair Q/6 doesn’t beat two pair K/6 after all. He did that ALL NIGHT and I’m sure even Carrie Fisher was thinking, “Who invited THAT guy?”

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  1. Remember the sign in the pharmacy in “It’s a Wonderful Life” that read, “Ask Dad, he knows”? It is there that you will find the answers to how you should bet.

  2. Thanks to all who sent me the rules to the game – turns out the show’s website had a nice little interactive class where I learned about the betting process. I’m READY TO GO!

  3. Mom’s comment is hilarious – and too true. Heh.

    I taped the Carrie Fisher episode while at Disney. I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow before the finale.

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