Celebrity Death Watch

We’re starting a new game at Cootiehog. It’s called Celebrity Death Watch. Here’s how it goes:

We all have celebrities in mind we know we’ll move on to the great beyond any day now. Could be someone old like Bob Hope (Oh, wait! He’s dead already.), or it could be someone young, like David Bloom, embedded NBC journalist. Wait, he’s dead too.

The only rules are:

1. This has to be a personality/celebrity that at least one other player in the game knows. Or you can prove the celebrity status with a Google search result.
2. He or she must be alive when you pick that person.
2. A celebrity can only be picked by one player. First person to pick the celebrity gets him or her.
3. 100 points wins this game.

How do you get points, you ask? Deduct the age of the celebrity at death from 100 and that is how many points you get. Thus, an incentive to pick a younger person.

As soon as one of the chosen celebrities dies, the board opens up again for everyone to pick a new celebrity.

I’ll kick us off.

I’m choosing Sid Caesar, star of the 1950’s “Your Show of Shows”. He’s 81 years old, so I wouldn’t get that many points if he died, but I have a decent chance of him keeling over soon.

You have to take health, age, occupation and other factors into account for the person you pick.

Good luck!

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  1. I wanna get in on this before all the good people are taken or dead.

    I choose the entire cast of Golden Girls! *grin*

    Ok, if that isn’t acceptable, then I choose… uh… um… dag, its a toss up between Estelle Getty & Bea Arthur…

    **flips coin**

    Looks like my pick is Estell Getty, she too is 81 yrs old.

  2. Good guess, but she always seemed like she was going to live for every. You are locked into that pick. You can only change it once one of the players hits a winner. Good luck!

  3. Carol Channing is an excellent choice, Jen. Like you said, too many to choose from. Hope we get a few more players in this game. Invite your friends from your blog for me. Thanks.

  4. Blue Oyster Cult keeps playing inside my head…
    Let’s see… I know that Fay Ray died sometime last week. I’m going to choose Scott Weiland of velvet Revolver, formerly of Stone Temple Pilots. The guy has been in and out of rehab so many times, he just might “shed the mortal coil” before Courtney.

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