Celebrity Dead Pool: We Have A Winner!

I have been remiss! It passed through the news so quickly that it was only today that I realized that we have another winner in my long-running Celebrity Dead Pool. And it’s another repeat winner – this time my uncle’s Round 11 pick comes through, as George McGovern passes over.

Congrats, Uncle Bill! Email me to let me know if you want a $10 Amazon gift card or a $10 Target gift card – it’s your choice!

This means that the next round is open. If you want to participate, comment below with a valid email address, or email me at cootiehog [at] gmail [dot] com sometime between now and next Monday, October 29. For those already entered, now is the time to change your pick should you wish to do so.

The rules:
1) Celebrity must currently be alive.
2) Celebrity must not have been in the news in the past couple weeks for any illness or medical problem.
3) The term “celebrity” strictly means anyone famous – it can be political, religious, social or pop culture. As long as it’s someone everyone knows, it counts.

Good luck!

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