Celebrity Dead Pool: Ernest Borgnine

I have been remiss in my duties as the host of the Celebrity Dead Pool! Earlier this week, the awesome Ernest Borgnine passed away at the age of 95. I told my grandmother that she outlasted another one.

Miss Jen had Mr. Borgnine selected as her choice in this latest round of the game (in truth, she had him as her pick for the past FIVE YEARS), and thus wins a $10 Amazon or Target gift card. Miss Jen – email me at cootiehog (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing information as well as your card preference, and I’ll get it out to you immediately!

And this means that Round 11 has begun! You have until Monday, July 23, to change your current selection or add yourself to the mix of current players. Email me at the cootiehog email address listed above to be entered!

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