Cater to Netscape, I Won’t

My sister has problems reading Cootiehog from work because her office uses Netscape. When we post pictures they cover up the text in the blog entry and she said the page looks all scrunched up. So I advised her to only look at Cootiehog in IE. I refuse to cater to Netscape. So if you use Netscape, sorry – I’m not changing a thing. I can’t be arsed to find that one small keystroke that brings the picture clearly into view in Netscape. It’s SO not worth my time.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I worship Bill Gates. I’m a Microsoft-loving fool. Sure, it’s a bit of a monopoly and he seems to be a bit ditzy, but WOW was he ever able to build a fantastic empire. Love it or hate it – Bill Gates is historic and worthy of praise, no matter how stupid the man may seem when speaking in public (and trust me – he’s NOT stupid, he just plays that way).

I just wish I could have his ear for five minutes so that I can register my lament about Microsoft Powerpoint 2000, which sucks. They ruined it. It used to be a near-perfect program and now I can’t stand using it and will try to get away with using Powerpoint 97 as long as physically possible. Have you tried building a table directly in Powerpoint 2000? Can’t be done – at least, not in a normal GOOD way. And who doesn’t build tables in PPT? Not many of us, I can assure you.

I also wish they would change Microsoft Word so that the columns function works as it does in WordPerfect. That’s the best thing about WordPerfect – the ease of the columns function. If it changed to that kind of command system for columns, MS Word would become the first truly perfect program in my mind. I love everything else about it.

So that’s it. That’s all I had to share. 1) Netscape be damned, I won’t change my site to fit that browser, 2) Bill Gates rocks even though 3) Powerpoint 2000 sucks.

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  1. First off, I have no choice in my Netscape usage. Our lovely government has dictated my browser of choice.

    Second, it’s working now, so who knows what the problem was before.

    Third, Bill Gates is an EVIL genius. I agree that he built an amazing empire – the EVIL empire. And I don’t begrudge him his monopoly…but his programs SUCK!

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