Doctor Who, You Say? I’ll Say!

Back in 2013, before Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th doctor, I took a stab and making my own potential picks for the role of the Doctor. Capaldi ended up doing a great job, but recently announced that he is leaving the role after the 2017 season.

So the hunt begins for a new Doctor. I stand by much of my original list, but I’ll make some minor changes now that we are four years on.

First, I’ll remove Joseph Morgan from my list. I also need to remove Charles Dance since he’s on “Game of Thrones,” unless the elder Lannister gets killed off in order to allow him to take on the role of the Doctor. I would still leave Ben Barnes … continue on, dear reader!

Doctor Who, Captain Jack and California Dreamin’

And we’re back! First let me say that our trip to California was a whirlwind of FUN. The kids had an amazing time and are officially sci-fi convention addicts. They want to go to next year’s convention AND want to have a full range of cosplay stuff in their suitcase when we go.

Wednesday: We drove to my sister’s house in NoVA to spend the night. It was a long drive, so we got there very late, but got to enjoy breakfast with the family and the kids got a little bit of cousin time.

Thursday: My sister drove us to the airport where my kids got to experience a lot of firsts. The most notable was their first time on a plane. We flew … continue on, dear reader!

Let’s Talk About TV

Time for TV Talk!

Are you watching, “Black-ish?” Because if you aren’t, you should be. The most recent episode, “Crime and Punishment” addressed the issue of spanking children and was hilarious. I laughed throughout the whole episode, especially when the mom was trying to dodge her younger son’s cuteness overload. So. funny. If you have Tivo, record it! You won’t be sorry!

Another show I love is “New Girl.” This is my current watercooler show. Last week’s episode featured Nick acting as the loft secretary – and has provided me with a theme song as well. The show has had some bumps along the way, but I still love it.

I also love “The Mindy Project,” but mainly because I think Mindy Kaling is hilariously … continue on, dear reader!

My Unconventional Picks for the Next Doctor. Who?

Who should play The Doctor? That is the question that has nerds across the world all in a tizzy. Article after article lists people’s guesses as to who will get the nod. What’s funny is that most of the articles list only super-famous people who I think would almost be too distracting. The great thing about Doctor Who is that the man playing the role has no baggage from previous jobs.

Rupert Grint as The Doctor? No way. The role should NOT go to a Weasley. And I say that as someone who loved Grint as Ron Weasley. But seriously, would YOU be able to get over the fact that The Doctor was being played by a Weasley?

Other names thrown around include Idris Elba, … continue on, dear reader!

TV Tidbits

Because I am a nerd, today I registered to go to a “Doctor Who” convention next February called Gallifrey One. Yep, you read that right. And I’m not ashamed! *lol* I love Doctor Who and this is the 25th anniversary of the US convention held in its honor. It should be a lot of fun. When I told CootieBoy about it he asked if he could go, and I said sure – kids under 12 are free, so all I’d have to come up with is airfare for him. So I registered him to go as well. Fortunately, it’s taking place the very weekend that he has a teacher holiday, so he won’t miss any school!

In other TV news, I’ve only sporadically been … continue on, dear reader!

Bye Bye Satellite TV, Hello Roku!

Turn off the clicker!
Last night we made it official. We cancelled our satellite TV after 12 years of service. It wasn’t that we hated them (although our HD box was notoriously unreliable), it was that we decided to switch over to on demand streaming instead. Roku, which has Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus, is infinitely cheaper when paired with a digital antenna and cable box that gets all the local channels.

We were going to cancel satellite TV a few months ago and then I realized that with the Olympics coming, I wanted to make sure I could record the shows and watch them at my leisure. Well, last I checked the Olympics ended on Sunday. So last night while Denis took the … continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol 11 – Top 9 Performance Show

Time to review tonight’s performance show! I’m watching it late tonight, and will live blog my thoughts as I run through the DVR. Let’s commence!

Colton, “Everything” by Lifehouse – loved it. But I’m partial to that song, which is one of my favorites of all time. I agree with Colton that it’s a great worship song – in fact, the church band I played with in NJ many years ago did that song a lot. It’s a great song, and Colton definitely did it justice.

Skylar, some Miranda Lambert song – I thought she did a fine job. Sometimes her country accent is too twangy for my liking, but that’s country, and some people love that. She’s not going anywhere.

The Colton, Elise and … continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol Top 11 Performances

My tweets during the show, with filler (from last to first):

Hollie: Now I know why Holly has such a weird accent – her mom is British and she grew up in Texas.
As for her performance, it was a little overwrought for my liking, but is typical for what the producers like for the pimp spot each week. You could tell she was nervous – her shaky hands gave her away.

Joshua: Joshua was a bit screamy, like Erika Van Pelt, but I was spellbound. He’s a great performer.
Joshua was hands down the best of the night. Great stage presence and he owned the song. And he taught America the proper way to pop a crawfish!

Skylar: Skylar sounds good tonight continue on, dear reader!

Don’t Judge Me Because I Don’t Post Much Anymore

I’m taking a day off from work today to have a mental health day. Unfortunately, I always feel obligated to be productive on my mental health days, and so I’ve managed to make three appointments throughout the day. So no big afternoon nap for me.

A few weeks ago Denis and I bought some new vinyl floor tiles to lay in our master bathroom (the current vinyl flooring is ripped in places and unattractive (even without the rips it’s unattractive). The new tiles are nice – we just didn’t buy enough of them. We bought 60 sq ft, but apparently we’ll need more like 90 sq ft when you account for the cuts we’ll have to make along the edges of the room. Who knew? … continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol 11 – Your Top 13

So I think I have my picks for top three this season on American Idol 11. These are not based on my preferences, but on how I think America will vote this season. I’ll save my personal top picks for the end.

First up:

Phillip PhillipsI have little doubt that little girls everywhere love him. Heck, I know adult women who love him already. So I have little doubt that he’ll make the Top 3 unless he has a REALLY REALLY bad week. No, strike that – because if he has a big week, the Phillipians will come out in force to vote to keep him in. So if he has a mediocre, non-standout week, he’s gone. But if he can avoid that, he’ll stay in.… continue on, dear reader!

TV: American Idol 11: Top 24 Perform

american idol
The past two nights I’ve been tweeting during the performances of the Top 24 on American Idol. I’m not much for the Twitter, but found it kind of fun. However, for those of you who don’t follow @cootiehog, here are the tweets (from last to first) to sift through:

I like Elise’s tone. Sounds a bit like Alison moyet, who i love. #idol

Jessica’s nervous but good! Very Jennifer hudsonesque. #idol

(RE: Shannon) I feel like I’m watching a pageant right now. #idol

(RE: Shannon) KATHY TROCCOLI? Is it 1984? #idol

Why is Haley singing the harmony part? #idol

Hollie finished strong but the beginning was a trainwreck. #idol

(RE: Hollie) Uh oh. A song with no melody. Oh wait… #idol

What’s with all the

continue on, dear reader!

Revisiting Old TV Shows

I think we’ll be canceling our DirecTV account very soon. Now that “Downton Abbey” is done, I’m not watching much current TV other than a handful of shows (mostly reality TV like The Amazing Race, Survivor and American Idol). This past week I’ve been watching some older stuff.

CootieGirl and I sat down and watched a couple “Doctor Who” episodes from Season 5 with Matt Smith. Now, I’ve made it no secret that I adore David Tennant, who played the 10th Doctor. When Matt Smith started as the 11th Doctor I was very much inclined NOT to like him, simply because he was not 10.

And so throughout much of Season 5 & 6, I lamented that I didn’t like Matt Smith and that … continue on, dear reader!

Rethinking Our TV Programming

We’ve been a loyal subscriber to DirecTV since 2001, but I think we may be defecting soon.

We were once paying over $80 a month for a bunch of channels we never watched, and only a handful we did. We also had Netflix which was another $20 a month. So by 2008 we were paying over $100 a month to watch TV. And didn’t even blink twice about the bill.

When I got laid off in early 2009 we reduced our programming down to the most basic package (about 30 channels) and have been supplementing the lack of channels with our Netflix account (both DVDs and streaming) since then. It is a rare occasion now that I see something about a TV show I can’t … continue on, dear reader!

A New Year!

So my Year of Adventure kind of petered out last year, didn’t it. All I did was go skydiving. However, this year I’ll be going skydiving again AND going on a hot air balloon ride, so I’m doubling my adventure already!

In other news, my Year of Volunteerism sadly also petered out. I did volunteer at the hospital where I work for about 7-8 months, but then when school started up in the fall, and CB’s Cub Scouts, and piano lessons, and soccer practices/games for CG – well, I just found that I had very little time to just relax. So I put myself on hiatus. I do hope to start it up again in 2012 though, because it was fun.

My Giving Campaign fared … continue on, dear reader!

Concert: American Idol 10 in Charlotte

So last night the American Idol concert hit Charlotte, NC for the night. As per my usual, I bought a single ticket and headed out for the show. I haven’t been to an Idol concert since David Cook won, and last night’s experience was infinitely better!

First of all, my seat was fantastic. I was in row Q on the floor, which led me to believe I’d be about 17 rows back. But I wasn’t. Row Q was closer to being 10th or 12th row! So my good seat became even better. For the David Cook show I was back far enough that I needed binoculars to see the singers’ faces really well. Not so last night!
Last night I was close enough to see … continue on, dear reader!

TV: The Bachelorette – Premiere Episode

Yes, I watched the premiere. But only because I was too lazy to switch my TV over to Netflix to see what else I could watch. *lol*

I wasn’t a big Ashley fan last season, but I tuned in mainly to see who her bachelors were going to be. And it looks like I’ll be sticking around for a few more episodes. There were three bachelors who stood out to me, and who I hope she keeps around.

But let’s start with Tim the Drunk. Wow. I felt really for him – he was just a hot mess. From past seasons I know they let the liquor flow freely for cast members. I also know that they let the liquor flow freely from the second … continue on, dear reader!