Have You Seen Star Wars?

Want to hear the plot of “Star Wars” as told by someone who has never seen the movie series?

Here you go!

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn’t seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Boing Boing.

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Have You Ever?

Hat tip to Jen Speaks

Items in BOLD are those I have done.

1. Started your own blog – four of them!
2. Slept under the stars – in college
3. Played in a band – my church bands in NJ and in SC
4. Visited Hawaii – BEST vacation EVER!
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity – back when I was practically homeless myself I gave money to a charity group.
7. Been to Disneyland or Disneyworld – I’ve been to both. DL once and DW twice.
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo – many many times
11. Bungee jumped
12. Visited Paris
13. Watched a lightning storm at … continue on, dear reader!

I’m a Doer!

What personality does your blog have?

Hat tip to: Jen.

ESTP – The Doers
The active and play-ful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities.

The Doers are happiest with action-filled work which craves their full attention and focus. They might be very impulsive and more keen on starting something new than following it through. They might have a problem with sitting still or remaining inactive for any period of time.

Um. Physical outdoor activities?

Not so much. But starting things and never finishing?


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Have You Seen Star Wars? on January 16th, 2009

You Can't Take It With You

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My Review of the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Slimline Phone

A couple months ago I was contacted by The WOM World, who asked me if I was interested in testing the Nokia 5310 phone and reviewing it here at Cootiehog. Never one to turn down the opportunity to play with some new gadget, I said yes and the phone was shipped to my house. I had a couple weeks to carry it around and play before sending it back, and the overwhelming result: It’s a good little phone.

Upon opening the box my first impression was that the phone was VERY small and light – especially compared to my Scarlet (Blackberry Curve). The 5310 is only about four inches long and MAYBE 1/2 an inch thick. MAYBE. It made Scarlet look downright dowdy, too. … continue on, dear reader!

What The Heck is a Constitution Party?

Does everyone dress up like their favorite Federalist and party like it’s 1787?

On Friday afternoon I had a lot of fun taking various “what political party do I align with” polls. And sure enough, in every single one I come out as a Libertarian. I just might change my affiliation officially.

I did the world’s smallest politic quiz and came out 90% Libertarian on personal issues, and 100% Libertarian on economic issues. My 10% personal issue swung one tick to the conservative side:

Then I did this quiz which had a few more questions, and came out as a “moderate” on that one (that one doesn’t differentiate by PARTY so much as “conservative-moderate-liberal.”

But the one that had me scratching my head was this continue on, dear reader!

Friday Feast

I normally don’t do these weekly memes, but the questions this week are great, and Amy’s answers made me laugh, so I figured I’d participate too.

When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
About a month ago. I need to go back in – and get it cut shorter next time.

Name one thing you miss about being a child.
Staying up late with a good book and a flashlight. I’d stay up WAY past my bedtime if I thought I could finish whatever book I was reading. This habit has stuck around even in my adult life – I stayed up all night a few years ago to read the rest of “A Voice in the Wind” by Francine … continue on, dear reader!

You Can’t Take It With You

Canucklehead, who is always a fun read, posed an interesting question on his blog yesterday, and I thought I’d join in and answer as well.

Imagine you had one suitcase to transport your possessions from your home. What ten to fifteen most cherished objects would you choose to take with you?

My answers:

1. My Bible
2. Our external hard drive that has every single picture we’ve ever taken of the kids.
3. My wedding ring set (which I don’t wear and can’t until I lose about another 25 pounds)
4. My MP3 player (c’mon – it has almost our entire music collection on it)

That’s about it, really. The question asked about “cherished” possessions, and other than my Bible (that I’ve had since … continue on, dear reader!

Dr. Horrible – Act III, The Finale

So worth it in every way. *sigh* I can’t wait until Joss Whedon has a show on TV again. And I love how once again Marti Nixon and David Fury got in on the action by portraying the newsfolks in this chapter (they also sang in the musical episode of Buffy). For those that don’t know – they are writers and producers of Buffy and Angel.

Dr. Horrible – Act III.


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Dr. Horrible – Act II

Yet another awesomely legendary act from Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris (congrats on the well-deserved Emmy nod!) and Nathan Fillion.

Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog – Act II

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Two Things I Love: Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris. GENIUS!

I love the internet.

Because the awesomeness that is Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris can get together and just have fun and let us enjoy it as well.

Add in Nathan Fillion as Capt. Hammer and I’m in!

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A Bit of a Meme

Saw this on the blogosphere a few weeks ago and plugged in the questions but never actually wrote out the answers. Here they are now:

1. If money were no object, what would your dream home look like? Big enough for privacy, but small enough for intimacy. I don’t need anything crazy. A gourmet kitchen for Denis and a library for all my books. A basement geared for fun – pool table, theater area, bar area, et al. And a nice giant pool in the backyard.

2. If money were no object where would you shop for clothes? I’m pretty casual, so I don’t see going crazy with the clothes unless I were about 50 pounds lighter (which I hope to be by February 2009). … continue on, dear reader!

Saturday Morning Meme

Courtesy of Amy at Permission to Peruse:

The rules are:
The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
Each player answers the questions about themselves.
At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago. In April of 1998 I was celebrating being married for one year and gearing up to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I think this was the year we went to Montauk for our anniversary.

2. What are 5 things continue on, dear reader!


So you know how I’m big into an online version of Survivor? Well, this post is a mild vent about the game. I’m VERY frustrated right now and powerless to say anything to the folks participating in the game!!!

I’m playing in two games this year. One as myself, and one as a persona. In my persona game I got booted yesterday. And what sucks is that one of the people I was aligned with (we’ll call her Sally) started to doubt me as well as my strategy for getting rid of an alliance of three people (who I was “working with” (although I really wasn’t and was telling Sally every conversation I had with them)). Well Sally ended up joining up with that alliance … continue on, dear reader!