When Tuesday Is The Only Empty Day of the Week

Okay, the Cootie calendar has become so full that when I look at the calendar on my phone, the ONLY days of the week that currently have no commitments at all in 2016 are Tuesdays. Poor Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll figure out something for those days soon.

IMG_20160116_113317So after 2+ years of begging (or has it been 3+ years), we finally signed up CootieBoy for tae kwon do. After two weeks I think I can safely say that he LOVES it. He can go up to 3x a week and to make our money count, he’ll DEFINITELY be going 3x/week. That stuff is expensive! My gym membership is only $10 a month and yet his TKD lessons are more than our electric bill in summer. … continue on, dear reader!

And Now I Can Say “I Saw Barry Manilow In Concert…”

I don’t know if going to see Barry Manilow live in concert has necessarily been a bucket list item for me, but when the opportunity presented itself back in February to buy tickets to see him in Charlotte, I thought, “Why not?” I coerced my co-worker L-train to go with me (Denis said no thanks) and immediately bought tickets. I was able to snag floor seats, in one of the front sections – not bad considering I didn’t buy tickets the day they went on sale.

70s shag haircutThe concert was this past Saturday night and was so.much.fun. We opted to skip the opening act (Dave Koz, saxaphonist) so that we could catch up over dinner and strolled in just as Koz was finishing his last song. … continue on, dear reader!

Making a Concerted Effort

I’m super excited. Can you tell? No? I wish I had some sort of picture that could show you how freaking.excited.I.am! Kind of like this girl here:

Too much excited

With ticket prices being so expensive nowadays (I remember seeing Sting in the 1980s and complaining about paying $20 for some really good seats), it’s not often I’ll hear a band on the radio and think, “I really want to see them play live sometime!”

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Snow Patrol, Lent Ends, Carowinds Opens and Planning to Skydive – We’re Busy!

Snow Patrol
Last Monday I took off from work early and drove straight to Atlanta where I met up with my friend Jen to see Irish band Snow Patrol in concert. It is one of my Top 5 concerts of all time – just a great show from beginning to end. It was at The Tabernacle right in downtown Atlanta and was a great smaller venue for a live show like that. I made a vow at the end of that show that I would go see Snow Patrol EVERY TIME they come to America for as long as they continue to exist. And next time around I won’t settle for one show – I’ll make a plan to see them in Atlanta, Nashville, DC, … continue on, dear reader!

Well, We Didn’t Win.

Well, as you might have guessed, we didn’t win the MegaMillions jackpot. Oh well – it was fun playing along though, right? RIGHT?

This week is going to be a good one. Tomorrow I only work half a day and then I’m heading south to Atlanta. A former co-worker of mine lives there, and she and I got tickets to see Snow Patrol in concert. For those who don’t know, Snow Patrol is one of my favorite bands, and they rarely come to America (they are from Ireland), so I’m taking the opportunity while I can to see them perform live!

I’m taking off all of Tuesday from work so my friend Jen and I can sleep in the following morning, have a leisurely late … continue on, dear reader!

New Music I Love

I will freely admit I don’t listen to popular music.  My radio in my car almost never gets played – I’m usually listening to audiobooks.  About the only time I put on the radio is when I know our local AM station will be doing a traffic report.

So I typically find my music through alternative channels.  Who’s playing on “Saturday Night Live” this week?  What’s that song being danced to on “So You Think You Can Dance.”  What’s that song playing during that scene on “Vampire Diaries?”  Let me watch the credits of this movie so I can see what this end titles song is called.

Yep, that’s where I find new music.  It may not necessarily BE new, but it’s new to me.… continue on, dear reader!

Concert: American Idol 10 in Charlotte

So last night the American Idol concert hit Charlotte, NC for the night. As per my usual, I bought a single ticket and headed out for the show. I haven’t been to an Idol concert since David Cook won, and last night’s experience was infinitely better!

First of all, my seat was fantastic. I was in row Q on the floor, which led me to believe I’d be about 17 rows back. But I wasn’t. Row Q was closer to being 10th or 12th row! So my good seat became even better. For the David Cook show I was back far enough that I needed binoculars to see the singers’ faces really well. Not so last night!
Last night I was close enough to see … continue on, dear reader!

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner! The contest for Chantal Kreviazuk’s newest CD, “Plain Jane,” is now officially over! By the time I closed the comments on that giveaway post, we had a total of seven entries in the contest. This morning I used the random number generator at Random.org and it chose the #4.

So congrats to Audrey (acg@ (or twigerina@)) for winning the latest CD by Chantal Kreviazuk! I’ve sent you an email (to both email addresses that you provided with your comment) – so keep an eye out for it!
Chantal Kreviazuk
Artist: Chantal Kreviazuk
Album: Plain Jane Deluxe Edition
Release Date: August 24, 2010
Label: MapleMusic Recordsings

Official Site (which has samples of her songs):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chantalkreviaz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chantalkreviazuk
Myspace: … continue on, dear reader!

Chantal Kreviazuk Giveaway!

Chantal KreviazukI don’t do giveaways very often on Cootiehog, but this one is too good for you to pass up! I’ve been a fan of Chantal Kreviazuk as far back as 2005, and she’s releasing her latest album, “Plain Jane,” in October. Isn’t that album name so appropriate for a giveaway here on Cootiehog?? Anyway, anyone who reads this post now has the opportunity to win their own copy of “Plain Jane” on CD.

It’s dead easy – all you need do is comment here about anything you like (within reason, obviously), and you’ll be entered to win! I’ll have the contest run for 10 days, and will pick a winner on Tuesday, August 24. I’ll randomly select a winner using a number generator online.

Anyone … continue on, dear reader!

Hodge Podge Time!

I’m not intentionally doing NaNoWriMo or anything, but I know I’ve posted more in the past seven days that I have all of October! Don’t know why. This post will be a batch of stuff totally unconnected in any way. You have been warned.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! Today is my dad’s birthday, and I can’t be remiss in mentioning that. He’s an awesome dad and a great Pop to my kids, so I hope he has a happy day today.

Knowing that this weekend is the last weekend before starting the new job, I’m trying to get stuff done – even stuff that I do every weekend anyway. The last load of laundry is in. I vacuumed the entire house. Denis cleaned the … continue on, dear reader!

Our U2 Experience in Raleigh

Where to start? Where to start?

Our sitter met us at the house at 1:30 p.m. and we were officially on the road by 2 p.m. Traffic was decent, and we got to our hotel around 5:15 p.m. Unfortunately, our room wasn’t ready yet, so we went to go grab a quick bite to eat and then went back to get our hotel keys. We dumped our stuff and took a minute to decompress, then got in the car at 6:30 p.m. to head to the show, which started at 7 p.m. (we knew the opening act wouldn’t actually take the stage until 7:30 p.m., so we figured an hour was more than enough time seeing as the stadium was only 5 miles away from … continue on, dear reader!

Adam Lambert As a Fresh-Faced High Schooler

Check out this video of Adam singing at his high school graduation. He’s virtually unrecognizable as a fresh-faced blond kid with no makeup in sight. But the talent (with only minor screaming) was already well in place.

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Can’t Believe I’m Saying This, But…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Adam Lambert’s recorded version of “Ring of Fire” that is available on iTunes.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.

But it’s true.

His performance on American Idol was over the top (typical Lambert), but his recorded version on iTunes? He is practically CHANNELING Jeff Buckley (of whom I am a huge fan). His tone in the recorded version is delicious and much less skeevy than his live performance. I’m telling you – if he sang on the SHOW like he does in this recording? I’d be his absolute number one fag hag. I’m not kidding. The problem is that his showmanship can sometimes ruin his singing, which is outstanding according to this track.

I really liked his initial audition, when … continue on, dear reader!

The Quintessential Breakup Song

This morning as I took CG to school a local radio station was involved in a Battle of the DJs of sorts. Two morning personalities had been tasked with making the perfect breakup mixtape. The requirement was that it be an “it’s over – I don’t want you to come near me ever again” tape, not a sappy, “I miss you and am sad it’s over” tape.

Now, I am no stranger to the mixtape. I used to make them a LOT (so did Denis – in fact, he’d send me tapes all the time while we were long-distance dating). The four years leading up to even MEETING Denis online were some of the busiest dating years ever (especially considering the fact I really didn’t … continue on, dear reader!

The MP3 Player is Dead, Long Live the MP3 Player

Well, I killed my Creative Zen Touch this weekend. I dropped it on Friday night while giving out Halloween candy, but didn’t think anything of it since it still turned on fine after I dropped it. Well, this weekend I loaded some music onto it (which had no issues) and when I went to actually PLAY the music, I found the front screen doesn’t work. The side buttons (power and volume control) work fine, as do the top buttons (the lock and USB port). But try to hit “play” and nothing happens. And nothing happens when I try to access the menus either.

Since the thing is almost three years old and completely out of warranty, and since I also have all 6,771 songs saved … continue on, dear reader!

MP3 Player Project: OVAH!!!

It took me three months and one day but I have finally played every single track on my MP3 player. Admittedly, some days I didn’t listen to a single song, and there was at least one day I accidently left my player in my car after work and it played all night long, but the running average for my project was 68 tracks being played every day, without a single repeat. In my radio days in college, the standard is that 13 records could be played in an hour with news and commercials. So that 68/day represents just over 5 hours a day in radio time.

As I discovered at some point, my favorite song is obviously “Hallelujah,” which is represented five times by such … continue on, dear reader!