MoviePass Pays Off

Back in September I posted about how I joined MoviePass for $10 a month. Well, it’s now almost four months later and I’m updating to say that I LOVE MoviePass so much that I recently opted to sign up for their annual pass, which reduces the cost to ~$7/month.

I know others have complained that their customer service is lacking, but so far I have no complaints. When I changed my membership to annual, I was accidentally charged twice, but I submitted a ticket and within 24 hours they refunded the duplicate charge. I’ve not had any issues checking into movies or not having the money on the MoviePass debit card to pay for my ticket. The app works seamlessly and is easy to understand. … continue on, dear reader!

MoviePass Review

You probably read the headlines a couple months ago that Moviepass was reducing their passes to $9.95. I had heard of MoviePass a couple years ago, but figured it was a fad that wouldn’t last, so I did not pursue it. It wouldn’t have made sense at the time ($30 a month) considering the fact that Denis typically doesn’t go to the movies, and the kids were a bit young to see most movies that were in wide release at any given time.

Cut to 2017: CootieGirl is 14 years old and able to see a LOT of movies in wide release. The bonus? She loves going to the movies almost as much as I do. After reading a bit of the latest news … continue on, dear reader!

The 2017 Best Picture Movie Marathon

This year I bought a pass to attend a movie marathon with Regal Cinemas to see all the Best Picture nominees. Thus far I’ve seen 4 of the 9 nominees, with plans to see at least two more. The other three were either movies I had no interest in, or the show times just didn’t fit with my scheduler.
I talked a few women from my neighborhood book club into doing it with me, and we have all really enjoyed it. CootieGirl has also enjoyed it, as I got her a festival pass as well.

The first movie we saw was "La La Land," which I thoroughly enjoyed due to my love of old musicals. I also adore Emma Stone and would watch her read … continue on, dear reader!

Movie: Birdman

Birdman movie posterOn Saturday afternoon Denis and I hit the theater for a movie. For those that know Denis, they know this is a big deal because we so rarely can find a movie that we both want to see (he only likes independent movies whereas I enjoy just about everything (I’m grateful my kids like going to the movies so I have someone to go with more often)). On Saturday, we hit up “Birdman” starring Michael Keaton.

Y’all – you need to go see this movie. Or add it to your Netflix list. It is so well-done just from a technical standpoint. The director made it seem like one long shot. I knew going in that this is how it was filmed, so I tried to … continue on, dear reader!

I’m a West Side Story Purist, And I Have a Confession to Make

So this weekend we took the kids to see two plays.  Last night our local high school had a production of “Xanadu,” which I saw on Broadway back in 2007.   I’ve said oftentimes on this blog that it’s my top guilty pleasure movie of all time. The play is very different from the movie, but I loved the Broadway show when I saw it. As for the high school production, well, let’s just say it’s lack of financial backing showed. Only one kid was a really GOOD singer (the kid who played Gene Kelly’s role from the movie), the rest were mediocre at best. But the play made the kids laugh, and they enjoyed it, so I guess I shouldn’t judge. After all, it was … continue on, dear reader!

Don’t Judge Me Because I Don’t Post Much Anymore

I’m taking a day off from work today to have a mental health day. Unfortunately, I always feel obligated to be productive on my mental health days, and so I’ve managed to make three appointments throughout the day. So no big afternoon nap for me.

A few weeks ago Denis and I bought some new vinyl floor tiles to lay in our master bathroom (the current vinyl flooring is ripped in places and unattractive (even without the rips it’s unattractive). The new tiles are nice – we just didn’t buy enough of them. We bought 60 sq ft, but apparently we’ll need more like 90 sq ft when you account for the cuts we’ll have to make along the edges of the room. Who knew? … continue on, dear reader!


Just got back from Charleston, where my son’s Cub Scout pack spent the night at the Charleston Aquarium. You read that right – we actually spent the night INSIDE the aquarium! It was a lot of fun, and I know Cootieboy had a great time.

We were allowed to roam the entire aquarium and pick where we wanted to sleep. CB opted to be right in front of the biggest tank, which was actually cool because even with all the lights out there was still just enough lighting from emergency exits and such that you could still see the giant fish swimming in front of you.

Last week, in other Cub Scouting news, CB and I attended the annual Mother/Son dance. Photos were NOT taken, … continue on, dear reader!

Two Movies in Four Days

I would be remiss if I did not mention that over the Thanksgiving holiday I went to see two movies. On Wednesday I took the kids to see “Hugo,” which, as you all know, I really wanted to see. I had been reading the book each night with the kids and they were as excited as I was as we shuffled into the theater on its first day of release in the theaters.

People, that movie did NOT disappoint. It was absolutely amazing. Martin Scorcese did an amazing job with this film. It’s breathtaking and gorgeous and lovely. The adjectives I could use are all superlative – enchanting, delightful, fantastical, nostalgic. From the opening shot to the final scene, I was entranced.

The kids … continue on, dear reader!

It Makes Me Second Guess Her Choices

A friend of mine at work today admitted that “Hope Floats” is her favorite movie of all time. “Hope Floats.” I asked another co-worker if I had permission to make fun of our Hopey Floaty co-worker and she didn’t even hesitate to say “yes, please do!” Obviously this woman has missed out on a lot of really good movie-watching. I mean, of ALL the movies in the history of the world, she chooses “Hope Floats?” Sure, that can be a desert-island kind of choice, a guilty-pleasure, I-watch-this-when-I’m-home-and-sick-on-the-couch-and-too-lazy-to-find-the-remote-and-change-the-channel kind of movie. But favorite movie of all time?

Let it not be so!

After the discovery, I quickly considered some of my own favorite movies. Now, I freely admit to loving cheesy, crappy movies (hello “Xanadu” – … continue on, dear reader!

4 Movies in 3 Days

With the kids being gone, I’ve been able to watch a lot of movies since the TV is not being commandeered for such lofty programming as “iCarly” and “Fairly OddParents.” YAY for non-kid programming! Also, not having the kids here means that Denis and I can go to the movies without having to pay a babysitter – always a plus!

1. Sherlock Holmes – I had wanted to catch this in the theater when it came out, but didn’t get to. But it was so worth the wait. I’ve always adored Robert Downey, Jr. and thoroughly enjoyed him here. I can’t tell you how happy I am that he has overcome his addictions and continued to be such a wonderful actor. He’s just wonderful. I … continue on, dear reader!

A Challenge I’m Up For! Maybe?

Denis and I own a lot of movies. A couple days ago the kids and I had a mini movie marathon and as I was putting stuff away I realized that I own a lot of movies that I love that I haven’t watched in eons. So I’m debating doing a movie challenge within my own collection.

Starting at the top of the list, I’d go through and start watching the movies we have in the house. I wouldn’t be able to watch all of them simply because a number of them are packed away in boxes because we ran out of room and stored them in the attic. So I wouldn’t be able to see all of them – but I’d be able … continue on, dear reader!

Obligatory Movie Post, Coming Right Up!

Have I mentioned that I love Netflix for the Wii? This is an free add-on service with Netflix wherein you can link up your Wii to your Netflix account and have access to movies from your account 24 hours a day. In a phrase: IT ROCKS.

But I haven’t posted in a long time about the movies I’ve seen on Netflix. They are MANY, thanks to Netflix and Netflix Wii! Here are just some of them:

  • District 9
  • The Invention of Lying
  • Adventureland
  • Whip It
  • Everything Is Illuminated
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Watchmen
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Blood Work
  • Zombieland
  • Terminator: Salvation
  • Reservation Road
  • Duplicity
  • Extract
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius
  • The Shop Around the Corner
  • Seven Pounds
  • Night at the Museum 2
  • The
  • continue on, dear reader!

    I Did So Well There For A While

    Hey there, folks! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! And I did so well in the first couple weeks – posting almost every day! But frankly, there wasn’t much to talk about this week, and I already bore you enough with the content I write about here. Why add to your misery? *lol*

    So let’s see, when I left you last, I had started work on some container gardening for my flower bulbs. I managed to finish them all – I have seven in total filled with bulbs. I put them in the shed so they could enjoy the freezing temperatures without being directly exposed, and then the deep freeze ended and we had temps in the 50s the last couple of … continue on, dear reader!

    Catching Up

    My dentist appointment has been made for January 6th. I attempted to get in with a dentist here in my town, but she had no availability for new patients until the SPRING. That’s ridiculous. I was telling my co-admin about the problem getting an appointment and so she called her dentist, who is just down the street from where we work, and next thing I knew I had an appointment for January 6. She’s been with that dentist for 20+ years, and the person that answered the phone at the dentist office greeted her like an old friend when she said who was calling.

    In the meantime, I finally got around to putting in the temporary filling putty that Denis bought for me at Walgreen’s. … continue on, dear reader!

    Hodge Podge Time!

    I’m not intentionally doing NaNoWriMo or anything, but I know I’ve posted more in the past seven days that I have all of October! Don’t know why. This post will be a batch of stuff totally unconnected in any way. You have been warned.

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! Today is my dad’s birthday, and I can’t be remiss in mentioning that. He’s an awesome dad and a great Pop to my kids, so I hope he has a happy day today.

    Knowing that this weekend is the last weekend before starting the new job, I’m trying to get stuff done – even stuff that I do every weekend anyway. The last load of laundry is in. I vacuumed the entire house. Denis cleaned the … continue on, dear reader!

    Moving Right Along

    So what’s up? Let’s see…

    Got word that I probably won’t be getting a call back on the last job that was holding out from August. It was the last of three jobs for which I interviewed, and I still had hope to receive a call for a second interview. Word on the street is that they had someone come back last week for a second interview. That makes me sad – it sounded like a nice job and I was hoping to at least get the opportunity to come in for a second interview. And so the search continues.

    I am still working part-time in the mornings. We’ve finally got the schedule down – it’s Monday through Friday, from 9a-12p. That gives me enough … continue on, dear reader!