It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

A few weeks ago I posted about how we spent an entire day decorating for Christmas outside the house only to have a few of our lawn ornaments get vandalized less than 24 hours later. I’m happy to report that since installing surveillance cameras AND alerted everyone on our neighborhood’s Facebook page of said cameras, we’ve had no incidences of poor teenage decision-making since then. Yay!

As a result, Denis and I have once again gone crazy with the post-Christmas sales (which are all now pre-Christmas sales) and bought more characters for our front yard. This year (thus far) we’ve added:
1) A dachsund inflatable
2) A triple-ornament inflatable
3) A bald eagle lighted tinsel
4) An ice dancing pig lighted tinsel

In today’s mail … continue on, dear reader!

Decorating for Christmas is Exhausting

Yesterday, being the day after Thanksgiving, saw us usher in the Christmas season by spending most of the day setting up the outdoor decorations. Each year we go all out – we have about


Here I was going to make a lovely post about how all our hard work paid off because LOOK at the pictures! Our lawn decorations look great this year!

And this morning I went out to count our lighted pieces to see how many we had, only to find that three of them had been vandalized.

Last year we had a piece go missing – but the thief was encouraged to return it when I contacted her mother and advised her to check with her daughter. That night, they came … continue on, dear reader!

Catching Up

Hey all (well, all six of you).

No calls yet on the jobs. I went from uber-confident I’d get three offers to nothing. Nada. Today I emailed two of the jobs to find out if there was an update on the hiring status. Haven’t gotten a response yet.

Denis and I went to see a women’s roller derby game last night. It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to go back, taking the kids next time. There were about 1,000 people in attendance, and the game only took 60 seconds to figure out.

I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K running program for a couple weeks now. I haven’t really mentioned it here, but I do have a running widget in my … continue on, dear reader!

I Saw My Dream House Today

Today I drove around with CootieBoy at a yard sale in Baxter Village. It was a huge neighborhood sale and we were on the hunt for a bike for CootieBoy and a toaster oven that Denis could take to his office because they don’t have one.

We drove through that whole neighborhood (which is no mean feat considering how large it is). We saw a lot of girl bikes, but only a couple boy bikes. And those were all too big. I found a cheap $2 toaster for Denis’ office (but I paid $4 because that sale was specifically to raise funds for a mission trip to Guatemala and even at $4 it was under my $10-for-a-toaster budget).

I saw a couple interesting things – … continue on, dear reader!

Do We Smell? No Seriously, Do We?

We keep losing neighbors.

Neighbors behind us have changed twice in the almost three years that we’ve lived here. Neighbors next door recently moved and will be putting their house on the market shortly. Neighbors on the other side tried a FSBO last year but never sold and didn’t want to turn the house over to a realtor – but I have a feeling they’ll try again this spring. Neighbors across the street have been in a mere 5 months and are putting their house on the market. When I asked why, the mom was loathe to provide a reason (and I didn’t pry).

We’re starting to get a complex.

I mean, I know our lawn isn’t the nicest on the block, but at least … continue on, dear reader!

New Adventures

For the past few weeks I’ve been contemplating a new venture for myself. When we first moved to SC I thought about starting this project, but put it on the backburner once we got settled here and the kids were getting older. Life got busy and I knew I didn’t have the time necessary to get it going.

But now I think the time has come for me to dust off the idea and see if it’ll work. I surfed the internet today to see if there were any websites out there that were already providing the service I hoped to provide, and only one came to my attention. It’s an okay website, but not quite what I plan on doing – that site is … continue on, dear reader!

Last Comic Standing Tour Hits Charlotte

So tonight we finally went to the “Last Comic Standing” live show for which I bought tickets about 3-4 months ago before the finalists were even chosen. I was that confident that I’d like whoever made the finals (except Papa CJ – I’m SO glad he didn’t crack the top five).

We had great seats – fourth row center. Close enough to see ’em sweat if they bomb. Fortunately, none of them did.

First up was Louis Ramey. Now, Louis was my favorite at the beginning of the season. I picked him as the winner. So imagine my shock when he got booted in the fifth position. He was seasoned, polished, had great timing and delivery and good material. I think the problem is that … continue on, dear reader!

I’m A Winner!

Well, this morning I enjoyed spending 90 minutes in line at a gas station so I could purchase a measly 5 gallons of gas. Happy Thursday!

But then I got a call from one of the company’s that had a booth at the Women’s Show that I went to this past weekend. I entered a raffle to win a free session with a local photography studio. Turns out I won! We have up to a year to take advantage of the offer, which includes a free photo session and 8×10 portrait. I emailed Denis and told him that my preference would be to wait until March to do the session, since I’ll (hopefully) be at my goal weight by then. And in addition to the … continue on, dear reader!

More Gas Panicking

While I sit here in my office, my entire town has run out of gas.

Yep, it was a good old fashion gas run just like the 1970s.

It started yesterday when Charlotte gas stations started running out of gas.

No doubt those NCers near the border decided to head to SC to get gas. We’re the first town over the border.

And all day long my mommies forum has been atwitter over some stations being out of gas. And I’ve just read that one of the largest stations in our town has just run out.

I have 1/4 of a tank left.

Oh boy.

If you liked that post, read on...

The Spiders Are Coming...The SPIDERS ARE COMING! on October 9th, 2007

Remember Miz

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Back To Normal…

Now that Denis is back from his trip to Vegas, things are back to normal. Kids are behaving better, bed seems less empty, house is cleaner. *lol*

This morning I didn’t have to rush to get out of the house by 7:15 p.m. to make sure CG made it to school on time. WOO HOOO!!!

One thing I did do this morning was seek out cheap gas. I have vowed NEVER to go to the station near my house that needlessly rose its prices by almost 70 cents last Friday during the “Great Ike Price-Gouge of ’08.” Normally they have decent prices compared to stations around our house, but they fact that they were twenty cents HIGHER than everyone else during the gas panic pissed … continue on, dear reader!

Price Gouging Is Raging On In SC

I am on the warpath today. I cannot tell you HOW many instances I’ve read of greedy gas stations engaging in obvious price gouging. But here are a few:

This morning at 7:00 a.m. a nearby gas station was selling gas for $3.65. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER they raised their price to $3.99 (I know this because I drove by at 7 a.m. to take CB to daycare and drove by 15 minutes later on the way home). At 6 p.m. this evening they were officially out of gas and their sign listed $4.09 as their sales price for unleaded regular gas. They raised their prices twice in less than twelve hours.

Down the road from that station, last night a station listed their regular unleaded … continue on, dear reader!

The Good and The Bad

I got an email yesterday from the woman who bought a bunch of my fleece fabric in July – she was requesting more. So I’m literally selling the last piece of red hat fleece that I have. VERY happy to be rid of it since that’s very much a “niche” pattern that only a select few people would have interest in! That’s the good.

The bad? Yesterday afternoon some rumors starting floating around our area that gas prices would be going up anywhere from $1 to $1.50 a gallon overnight. I first got an email from someone at work who has a friend who owns a convenience store. I emailed the co-worker back and said there was NO WAY it would go up that much … continue on, dear reader!

Three Years Starting……..NOW!

You may recall that Denis got a speeding ticket driving home from Nashville a few weeks ago. The cop clocked him going 70 in a 55. Pffft. I can’t believe the cop even stopped him. Down here 70 mph is a snail’s pace. Everyone here thinks they drive for NASCAR.

Yesterday was the court date and we opted to plead it down to a PJC (Prayer for Judgment Continued) instead of just paying the fine. One of my attorneys is good friends with an attorney in the county where Denis was pulled over, so we contacted him and for $150 we were able to avoid the ticket even being recorded on Denis’ record. The result? No points on his license, and no rise in insurance … continue on, dear reader!

The Melting Pot = Good Fondue

Last night Denis and I went to dinner at The Melting Pot with L-Train and Nic from my office. It was a really fun time and the food was great. This week in Charlotte they had a special “Queen’s Feast” event where a few dozen restaurants were offering price fixed meals for $30 per person. Some of those restaurants normally cost $80-100 per person (including TMP, which starts at $90 per person), so we jumped at the opportunity.

We had a four course meal – a cheese fondue, a salad, the main course fondue, followed up with a chocolate fondue. It was all YUM-MY. The cheese fondue was a spinach artichoke concoction, and we had bread, veggies, tortilla chips and apples to dip. We wolfed … continue on, dear reader!


That’s how much the property taxes just increased in our old town of Bloomfield. Ouch. I think the taxes on our house were at $8,800/year when we moved two years ago. Presuming it didn’t go up at all in the past two years (which isn’t likely, but we’ll give the benefit of the doubt), means the taxes on that 70+ year old 3-bed, 2 1/2-bath, 1,800 sq ft house went from $8,800/yr to $9,680/yr, or from $733/month to $806/month. Ouch. That’s just sickening, considering the fact that the majority of the schools in Bloomfield are not that great and about 60% of property taxes goes towards education.

To put it in perspective, we currently pay less than $1,000 per year in property taxes. I think … continue on, dear reader!

How Does This Stupid Thing Work?

Last night Denis and I spent about an hour trying to figure out how our home security system works. Because we have motion detectors around the house, we never use the system because of the pets. The few times we DID set it (when going away for a long weekend or something), it would always go off and we’d get phone calls from our security company, at which time we’d assure them that it’s just the cats and not to send the cops.

I still consider our town to be safe (safer than Bloomfield, NJ at any rate), but we have had a recent uptick in break-ins, whether it’s home invasions or car break-ins. We already had the garage door fixed so we could park … continue on, dear reader!