The Grocery Game Resumes

We’re going to continue with our pantry challenge in order to free up space in advance of our White Elephant party in a few weeks (!), but last night I went Grocery Game shopping for the first time in over a month. I’d say I did pretty good – saving just over 50% using sales and coupons. Below is a picture of everything I got – the picture also includes a list of the items shown since some are hidden from view.

For those not familiar with stockpiling, the objective is to get things for as cheaply as possible in order to get a stockpile large enough that you don’t need to shop for that item for a LONG LONG time. Alternatively, if you find … continue on, dear reader!

My Day Off

Today is my only “day off” this week – the guy I worked for last week asked me to work Tuesday – Friday this week. Less hours per day, but four days instead of three. I’ll take it!

So today is task day and I’m leaving in a minute to go run some errands. This morning once we got the kids off to school I went for a run. I’m continuing to do the Couch to 5K program, although it has been slow going over the past 10 days or so. However, this morning I did the first day of Week 3 and it went really well. I actually felt good during the running portions and felt lousy during the walking intervals! Who’d have thunk … continue on, dear reader!

Catching Up

Hey all (well, all six of you).

No calls yet on the jobs. I went from uber-confident I’d get three offers to nothing. Nada. Today I emailed two of the jobs to find out if there was an update on the hiring status. Haven’t gotten a response yet.

Denis and I went to see a women’s roller derby game last night. It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to go back, taking the kids next time. There were about 1,000 people in attendance, and the game only took 60 seconds to figure out.

I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K running program for a couple weeks now. I haven’t really mentioned it here, but I do have a running widget in my … continue on, dear reader!

It Was A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend and I’m excited about this week – the last full week of summer vacation!

Denis did some much needed yardwork and the neighbors can’t complain anymore. There’s still tons to do, but at least we don’t have weedy grass 12″ tall in the front anymore (yes, we’re THAT neighbor). I have great hopes for the front yard, but most of it won’t come to fruition until the weather cools down.

Speaking of weather, this week is supposed to be the hottest week of the summer, so what do I do? PLAN A TRIP TO THE ZOO!! Why is that bad? Because the Columbia Zoo is one of the hottest places in this country. It sits in that “perfect” place in … continue on, dear reader!

3 Hrs At Pool = Sunburned Son

Oops. I forgot to put sunscreen on the boy today when we went to the pool. His arms are nice and crispy. Fortunately, I DID put it on his face, but he had a shirt on and I completely ignored the fact that his lower arms were still exposed. As such, he’s rocking a farmer’s burn at the moment.

The girl wore her new swimsuit to the pool – it’s very cute. Her brother had three suits to her one, and her one was getting very worn out since we’ve been going to the pool so much this summer. So now she has two and it’ll help them last a bit longer this way.

In other news, starting Wednesday night we’ll have a visitor at … continue on, dear reader!

A Normal Day

Today, despite being Mother’s Day, has been a normal Sunday for us. This morning CootieGirl woke me up so she could give me the present she made at school – it was a very sweet picture of her with a poem. However, she kind of ruined it when she said, “Hey Mom, you know why I said in the poem that you give big hugs?”

“No, why?”

“Because you’re BIG!”

Um. Thanks?

Later, we went to church, and then CootieBoy and I went to do some grocery gaming. I spent $55 and some change (and saved $50) for all this:
Once everything was put away we headed out to a local restaurant for a late Mother’s Day lunch. We had never been to the place … continue on, dear reader!

Today’s Groceries

I knew I’d miss out on the really good deals this morning – the shelves were empty compared to yesterday. So my percentage isn’t as good today because a lot of the “free” items were gone (and shame on me for not concentrating on those yesterday as opposed to just going down each aisle in a row until I used 20 coupons).

However, I spent $21.26 this morning, and saved $33.79. So I have a 61% savings. And it’s a nice bootie for under $22!


A couple items weren’t on sale but I had coupons that made them cheap (frozen dinner rolls, croutons, Betty Crocker Warm Delights), we needed the milk, and the mini-donuts were CB’s request. But every else was on sale and had … continue on, dear reader!

Grocery Gaming

I hit up the grocery store this morning, because Harris Teeter is having a triple coupons week. I did pretty well.

This weekend Denis saw that a lot of the grocery gamers will post pictures of their loot so people can get a better idea of how much can be had for so little money. So I decided to do that.

Here is my picture:


In this picture you see mostly things that were on sale. A couple items were not on sale (ziploc bags) but we needed the bags and I wanted to take advantage of the triple coupon discount. Other items were on sale but I had no coupons for (the two bags of chips and the juice). For the stuff shown in … continue on, dear reader!

No Work Yet, Yet Hard At Work

No work yet – four of the freelance proposals I submitted yesterday have finished their bidding time. Three of those jobs have been given to other bidders. The fourth job received 86 bids, so he’s got a lot to sift through before making a decision. My bid is VERY strong, so I hope that he chooses me. It’s half a day’s work, but every little bit helps.

I have five other bids that are still open and accepting offers, so we’ll see what happens.

The kids were housebound today because it was raining in our neck of the woods. There was SUPPOSED to be a spring festival and parade but they got cancelled due to the inclement weather. However, Denis and I each got a … continue on, dear reader!

Day Begins, Day Ends

Where did this day go? Seriously? It SPED by.

Only a handful of things to report.

When doing a partial water change in the aquarium today I found 3 more baby fish. We’re up to 8 now. I finally called the local fish shop to ask about their program to buy back baby fish, and he said I’d get a couple bucks for ’em. They need to be 3/4 of an inch long though. He told me to wait another 4-6 weeks until they are bigger and then start bringing in the bigger ones. But it’s nice to know that these baby fish will help me get food and meds for free at some point.

Today I took the kids to IHOP for free pancakes. … continue on, dear reader!

Grocery Gaming

Today I hit the grocery stores to get some good bargains. Can I tell you that my pantry is stocked to the gills with cereal? There have been some GREAT deals over the past two weeks and I’ve been able to buy cereal for anywhere from 25 to 50 cents!!

Today I hit up Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter for some stockpiling. I had the kids with me, so I ended up buying a few non-coupon (but still on sale) items just to get them to quiet down.

At Harris Teeter my total came to $63.31, but I saved $51.43. My biggest cost there was the cat food – I bought a giant bag for $11.99. It was on sale, but I didn’t have ANY … continue on, dear reader!

Harris Teeter – Triple and Double Coupons!

This weekend our Harris Teeter stores are not only doing triple coupons, but they are doubling all Proctor & Gamble coupons through and including $2. That equals great savings!

I went today, figuring that the shelves would be empty. But surprisingly, the shelves were full and I was able to get everything. I did buy a few things that I didn’t have coupons for, that were on our list, but overall I still maintained my savings average of 50-60% (I saved 55% today).

Basically, I spent $87.14 and saved $104.64 (making my original total before savings $191.78). That was a lot more than I expected to save, so I was quite happy with that.

My Grand Totals for Grocery Gaming

I have been to Harris Teeter three times in three days. I’m so over Harris Teeter. *lol* However, I did well during triple coupons – not as well as some moms I’ve read, but with my general average.

Total number of items bought: 44
Total original cost before savings: $167.85
Total saved: $89.90
Total paid after savings and coupons: $77.95
Total percentage saved: 54%

I got a few free items, which is nice, as well as a lot of things that were only 20 cents. Friday was the bad day – in that if I had waited until this morning I would have caught things on sale that WEREN’T on sale on Friday. I still saved money, but not as much as I could have. … continue on, dear reader!

Triple Coupon Grocery Gaming

I hit up Harris Teeter this morning who is having a triple-coupon weekend. Had a good shop – I’m able to use 20 coupons per shopping trip, and of the 40 coupons I took I was easily able to find a way to use 20 of them. I’ll take back the remaining coupons tomorrow and see what I can get. Saturday shops are always tougher because EVERYONE goes on the weekends.

There were also items on our grocery shopping list that weren’t necessarily on sale, but were items that we needed. Given that, I took advantage of triple coupons in order to get at least a slightly better price than I would have even though the items were not on sale.

In the end, I … continue on, dear reader!

Grocery Gaming

Hit up the grocery stores yesterday. Did rather well, and could have done better if I didn’t have to buy my lunches for the next couple of weeks at work.

I ended up spending $59 on $129 in groceries, for a 55% savings. If I hadn’t bought the lunches, I would have spent $45 on $115 in groceries, which is 61% in savings. Sure, the lunches were on sale ($1 each for the Michelina’s and $2.50 each for the Lean Cuisines), and it’s still much cheaper than eating out every day (which runs $7-10 each time), but it’s painful to buy things without coupons now. *lol*


1) I’ve added some links to my left sidebar – it’s just above the main blogroll, and is a list of the personal finance blogs that I read. Thanks to Cheri for the idea!

2) CootieBoy has a new favorite thing – nailpolish. I was doing CootieGirl’s nails over the weekend and he asked if he could have his done. Rather than do his in the pretty pink I was using on CG, I suggested a color more suited to pirates – navy blue. He got VERY excited and so I promptly found my old navy blue nailpolish and painted his fingernails. He is VERY proud to have “pirate nails.”

3) CG is learning to write words in kindergarten this week. No more letters – … continue on, dear reader!