Catching Up!

Yet another busy day working on the brochure. But I’ve just made a PDF of the final product (as far as formatting is concerned) and sent it to the guys who wrote it. Now they will read it one last time and on Monday morning will give me last minute edits and then we’ll ship it off to the printer. I’ll be happy to see this thing leave my hands. And I’ll feel quite accomplished.

Tomorrow is Preakness Stakes and now that I’m done with the brochure I plan on stepping over to OTB to place my bets. Having read articles about folks who won lots of $$ just buy betting randomly, I’ve opted to do the same thing.

No studying (haven’t had time), no tricks. I just randomly selected a bunch of number combinations for Exacta bets and plan on putting down $1 bets on all of them (if the OTB will only allow $2 bets then I’ll randomly pick half of my combinations and bet on those). Only things to note: Giacomo, the Derby winner, is at post number 13. Malibu Moonshine, a horse whose name I like, is post number 1.

Here are my combinations:

That’s $32 worth of bets, about the normal amount I bet. I’ve got just as good a chance as ever before to win some money, and on Exacta bets you can win more than on a regular win/place/show bet (if you recall, the $2 Exacta bet for Kentucky Derby paid almost $10K). So even if I bet $1 and a low-odds horse combination comes in, I’m presuming I could still win $500 or something like that.

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Catching Up

Well, Marmie is here this weekend and so far CootieGirl, CootieBoy, Denis and I are all sick in various degrees. This morning CootieGirl coughed so much after church that she eventually threw up. Lovely. Fortunately, I was still at church when this happened, so I didn’t have to see it. I think she’s on the mend though because her coughing has settled down and her nose isn’t as runny as it was yesterday.

CootieBoy fussed for about an hour tonight – and by fussed I mean, “cried inconsolably”. He finally passed out about 30 minutes ago. His nose is just starting to get congested, so we did give him some medicine so hopefully he’ll still sleep the whole night.

As of this morning I have a sore throat and I now have congestion as well. I’ve also had a headache most of the weekend thus far.

Denis also complains of a sore throat and mild congestion.

And it’s snowing right now – we already have almost two inches of snow on the ground. Why couldn’t it be Monday night? And why couldn’t it already be 12 inches of snow on the ground?

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  1. Update: It’s four twenty-seven a.m. now. Looks like about four inches of snow out there. CootieBoy was up for 45 minutes with major congestion. I fed him a bottle and gave him some meds. I think he’s back asleep. And I’ve been up since 2:30. Welcome to the Cootie World.

  2. Oh… I felt so bad for CootieGirl when I read that she got sick… I hope your entire family gets better soon.

    I had to laugh when I read that you wanted it to be Monday Night instead of Sunday Night when it was snowing… It just never works out for you does it Jane. *lol

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Catching Up

I think I’m blogged out. I just don’t have much to say nowadays. My apologies for that.

My new haircut looks great – I’m so glad I kept the 8 a.m. appointment instead of waiting another week.

We test drove the Toyota Sienna this weekend. We’ve decided we need to upgrade the Corolla to a minivan in order to accommodate two car seats. We both really liked the Toyota and will wait a few weeks to buy it. Most likely the last week of March is when we’ll drive back to the dealership and pick one up.

Yesterday was the first morning that the worship team sang with with the new band (band consisting of me on keyboard, Alex on violin, and David on bass – we’re hoping to get a drummer in the next couple of weeks and will get our lead guitar back this summer when Brandon returns home from college). First song out of the shoot and I had a brainfreeze and changed keys for no reason in the middle of the song. I just stopped playing completely and apologized to everyone. Someone hollered out, “We still love you!” which made everyone laugh. For the first time playing and singing live, I think we did pretty good, despite some mishaps here and there (mainly on my part). I’m sure we’ll be much better next Sunday.

Watched two movies this weekend: “Spellbound”, the documentary about the National Spelling Bee. It was surprisingly fun to watch, and I recommend it. The other movie was “Alex and Emma” the truly-awful Luke Wilson/Kate Hudson romantic comedy. A perfect afternoon waster, but still – it was B-A-D bad.

It’s currently snowing here today. It’s a wet snow, so we won’t get any accumulation.

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  1. Oh, now I know you’re a Mom – the minivan! Woo!

    So how early did you have to be at church for the worship band?

  2. We practice Friday nights at the pastor’s house. This conversation would be better served in emails – instead of boring everyone else here.

  3. πŸ˜†

    I was just thinking, as the window was opening, that this is more of an email conversation. But no one else is commenting, so who cares? Right?

  4. I care. πŸ˜‰ That is wonderful that you have gotten involved in the worship team. You’ll be great!

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Catching Up

Well, I feel bad that I haven’t been posting much. People have complained.

Last night we began moving our furniture back into the living room. I absolutely love the wall color I chose, and plan on having pictures up sometime next week once the room is “done” (minus curtains and rug, which won’t be available for a few more weeks). With any luck by Saturday I’ll have the dining room done and can have pictures of that room as well.

The Farmer’s Market is still going on at Rockefeller Center every Thursday and Friday. This morning I bought another batch of apple cider donuts, which (next to Krispy Kreme) are the best donuts in the world. I also bought two mini-pumpkin pies, which are also quite good.

I also feel bad that I haven’t posted at-length about my trips to California and North Carolina, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t have the energy to even begin to type up my adventures. Suffice to say I had a great time, and if you need details, you won’t be getting them any time soon.

Denis goes to Florida this weekend for a few days on a much needed vacation. Yes, we will dub 2003 as the “separate vacations” year. I know he’ll have a good time hanging out with his pal Ted, not worrying about anything other than what restaurant to go to.

Lastly, CootieGirl is pretty darn cute. She now plays very vocally. Last night she was diving onto her pacifier, screaming and hollering as she pounced. It was hilarious to watch.

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Catching Up

So many things to talk about today!

First of all, the wedding in Richmond was a lot of fun. It was such a “Meredyth” wedding – it fit her to a T! I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that M & J looked very happy and are destined to a fun-filled life together. YAY!

In other news, my old pal Bear and his wife were there (see second picture below). He and his brother are the ones that actually introduced me to Meredyth in the first place back in 1991/1992. I had wondered before the wedding if he or Harv would be there, and figured of the two it would be Bear in attendance. Sure enough – he was there! It was a treat to catch up with him and get to know his wife a little better. I basically didn’t know her well when I lived in Virginia because she came into Bear’s life right as I was making new friends and leaving old ones behind (Bear hated techno music, I loved techno music, and I became a raver while he stayed a rock guy, thus our paths separated after a while).

The drive back from Richmond on Monday was also fun. We were supposed to have breakfast with Meredyth and Jonathan that morning, but as we calculated our drive times we realized that if we didn’t leave Richmond until noon (our meeting time for breakkies was 10 a.m.) then we wouldn’t be on the road for NJ until at LEAST 4 p.m., putting us home after 9 p.m. So we called and postponed the get-together for another time back here in NYC, and hit the road.

We got to my parents’ house around 11 a.m. and showed them wedding pictures and packed our stuff. We debated which way to drive home and opted for the Scenic Route, and called my dad for directions. We finally hit the road about 1:30p.m. or so.

The first part of the scenic route was truly scenic – lots of little towns in Maryland, lots of tiny antique shops that we couldn’t visit because we had Cooper in the back of the Explorer where we would have put fancy antique goodies. About an hour into our trip we decided to stop at an outlet mall. It was totally spur of the moment, but a nice diversion. So we shopped for an hour (buying only a few things for CootieGirl) then hopped in the car and continued on our way. We drove through Harrisburg, PA, stopped at a Dairy Queen and got Blizzards (yum) in homage to “Waiting for Guffman”, and just basically had a good time driving home. The only traffic we hit was on the Garden State Parkway, the last 8 miles of our journey. We got home at 7:15 p.m., a decent time considering we left late from my parents house AND stopped to shop for an hour at the outlets.

We’ll post more pictures tonight now that we’re not running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we did last night upon arriving home.

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  1. When the road went down to a one-lane road and we were stuck behind a truck doing 25 we blamed you, but we got around the truck after a mile or two. No worries.

  2. And just to clarify – Cooper was with us while we were at the outlet mall. He was NOT in the car – someone emailed to ask me that. Rest assured – Cooper shopped with us and was loved by all the fellow shoppers wondering what breed of dog he was.

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