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My dentist appointment has been made for January 6th. I attempted to get in with a dentist here in my town, but she had no availability for new patients until the SPRING. That’s ridiculous. I was telling my co-admin about the problem getting an appointment and so she called her dentist, who is just down the street from where we work, and next thing I knew I had an appointment for January 6. She’s been with that dentist for 20+ years, and the person that answered the phone at the dentist office greeted her like an old friend when she said who was calling.

In the meantime, I finally got around to putting in the temporary filling putty that Denis bought for me at Walgreen’s. I did it before going to bed last night and I have to say I did a decent job! I can’t even feel where the tooth is broken when I rub my tongue against the tooth. And I won’t lie – it’s tempting to let it slide and NOT go to the dentist. *lol*

I had a custom order come in for a fleece blanket last week, so I whipped that up last night while Denis was out doing something. To keep me company I put in a movie that I loved when I saw it almost 10 years ago. It’s called “Saving Grace” and it stars Brenda Blethyn as a widow who finds out her husband has left her owing money she doesn’t have and about to lose her house. To earn money she decides to grow pot in her greenhouse and sell it to keep her house. Craig Ferguson also stars as her gardener and partner in crime. I decided to watch it because I just finished the audiobook of Craig’s memoir, “American on Purpose,” in which he talked about writing the screenplay for that movie. I love Craig Ferguson. He and Jimmy Fallon are my favorite late night talk show hosts, and it’s sad they are both on at the same time!

Today is a work holiday party, and I’m in charge of picking up the ham. It’s already paid for – I’m just picking it up. Then once I bring it back I’ll be heading out for lunch with some of my co-workers from my old job. I haven’t seen them in almost a year (I got laid off in early January) so it’ll be fun to catch up with them.

I finished my freelance job and sent off the invoice – and she promptly replied and said she had more work for me. While I love the steady extra income, I told her that I wasn’t taking any more jobs until after the new year. She said that was fine and to just work on it when I was ready to dive back in. Hopefully she’ll pay my invoice promptly – it’s a hefty amount and I may need it for my January 6 dentist appointment.

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