Catching Up

We did some yardwork today. Denis and I commented that getting up the leaves isn’t nearly as bad as it was in NJ – we only have about 1/4 of the leaves we had in NJ and NO ACORNS. Always a bonus.

We have decided that if we are fortunate to actually build a house on the land we own across town, we will most definitely be creating a backyard consisting only of hardscaped evergreen trees, potted plants, a pool and concrete/decking. That’s it. No grass, no open planted areas.

I was doing well in the NCAA basketball pool until last night’s late games – now I’m doing so-so. Oh well. Denis is doing really well on one of his sheets though and will hopefully be in even better shape after the games today and tomorrow.

Have you been watching Jimmy Fallon’s new late night show? If not, you are missing out. During the first week he was very visibly nervous, but since then he has gotten comfortable with his nerdiness and he’s a lot of fun to watch (it helps if you are a Fallon fan – if you aren’t, you probably wouldn’t like his show). I’m a HUGE Jimmy Fallon fan so I’m loving the show. I love when he does goofy things with the celebrity (Lick it for $10 with Drew Barrymore, a dance-off with Cameron Diaz, playing foozball with Clive Owen). If you like him at all – definitely Tivo it and catch it later. Then come back and thank me.

We took the kids to a spring festival today – it was kind of dead by the time we got there (it was from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. and we got there at 12:30 p.m.). We walked around for a bit and then headed back home. They came away with a couple books and an argument over cotton candy (CG wanted pink, but they were only making blue. She then decided she wanted her own, rather than sharing, which was the only option we gave her – she proceeded to pitch a fit for a good ten minutes). Good times.

Denis is currently BBQing some ribs in the smoker. We have the back door open and it smells YUMMY. Can’t wait.

Haven’t gotten any freelance work lately, although I have worked on stuff the past couple of days. I’ve run out of credits at Elance for the month, so I can’t submit any more bids for the time being. However, I was happy when someone contacted me about a potential job – I used my last credit for that proposal, hopefully they’ll give it to me.

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