Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Jaynee and I saw the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” today. She got me tickets to the show as a gift a few months ago. We couldn’t remember the occasion, only that she bought them for me as a gift because “my girl” Ashley Judd stars in it, along with Jason Patrick who doesn’t say much throughout the show, and Ned Beatty, who is looking mighty old — probably because he’s 66 and this wasn’t Hollywood lighting.

The show was good if a little depressing, but that’s life sometimes. The acting was good and Ashley looked fine as she usually does. I didn’t get any pics of her with my phone camera like I wanted to even though I was only four rows away from her at all times. Well, we’ll always have Paris. Or at least Broadway.

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  1. Denis, I am so happy for you that you got to see your one and only “fake girlfriend”!!! But before Angie asks I will…Was she wearing her dirty underwear?

  2. Yes! Tara! Thank you!

    I read his post last night and debated on a good Ashley slam, but I refrained.

    Hey Denis! Was there an odd aroma that smelled a bit like Doritos (original Nacho cheese flavor) and vinegar? Mmmmmmm. Ashley.

  3. I was going to post a comment about the “dirty underpants girl” along with the post about the show, but I didn’t. But Jaynee and I both mentioned it before the play started. I thought you had taken her off your dirty underpants list.

    And I didn’t smell any odor of Doritos or vinegar. Just the smell of beauty. Ahhhhhh….

  4. Can you guys email me? I am having trouble getting into cootie pie’s site. I put in my password, and it starts to load the page, then asks for a second password (the one I picked doesn’t work, not does the old one Jaynee gave me).
    Everything loads but the actual photos. Is there a new step I missed?

  5. Rachel, I’ve also been having problems with the pictures loading when I login to Cootiepie from home (I use IE 6.0). I’ll have Denis begin working on it to resolve the issue!

  6. My problem is I can’t get past a popup window to log in. I log in once fine and then a second window popups and I can’t get past that :/

    Thanks so mucho! (I bet I use IE 6 too)

  7. Denis still a no go today. I can see text but no photos… and I keep putting my password which doesn’t work. I have to shut IE down totally.

    Let me know if there is something I can do from my end… I have cleared my cache.

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