Can’t Drink Cold

Can I say again how much I hate my dentist? I do. Ever since yesterday afternoon I’ve had extreme sensitivity to cold – specifically anything I drink. It’s driving me nuts because the ONLY way I can drink that doesn’t drive a shooting knife of pain through my tooth is to put my tongue over the tooth and then drink – not the easiest thing to do. Try it and tell me I’m lying.

I did just drink through a straw, which was okay – but not perfect.

I think I’m gonna have to go back on Tuesday (my next day off). I’m going to call first thing that morning and complain and make them take me RIGHT THEN. I’m of the mind to just drive over there and not even call. Then they’ll HAVE to take me and can’t even say no. If they say no I’ll make a big stink in the waiting area so that all her other customers know how much she sucks.

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