Can’t Do It

I’m about to call Anthony, but I don’t think I can paint today. I woke up mid-morning when CootieBoy woke for his bottle and had a vicious borderline migraine headache. I went back to bed and when I woke up at 7 a.m. the headache was still firmly implanted. Whenever I move my head, it hurts.

This may be TMI, but I think the reason for the headache is that I’ve been bleeding heavily since I began painting on Tuesday morning. Because of the c-section, the doctor recommended LIGHT activity and that heavy activity will cause a lot of bleeding. This is why I told Anthony that I’d do the edging and cutting in on the walls – because I figured that was light activity. I guess it wasn’t. As of this morning I’m still having bleeding, and I think that’s a partial cause for the headache.

But even despite the bleeding, I’m still stiff and sore from Tueday’s marathon painting session. If I sit for more than 15 minutes without moving around and then get up, it’s like I’ve been in the rack – it takes a good 6-10 steps before I’m loose enough to stand up straight or walk like I’m not a cowboy just off my horse after a 12 hour ride to deliver the news that there’s gold in them thar hills.

So I’ll be calling Anthony in a bit and apologizing profusely as I tell him I don’t think it’s wise to go over and paint. We were planning on doing all of the trim in the house today, but I just don’t think I can do it.

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  1. Yes, that would be a wise decision. Your health is more important. You don’t want to have a set-back that could have an impact on the rest of your maternity leave. You’ve had MAJOR surgery! Give your body a break. It is crying out to you today.

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