Can’t Do It

I was supposed to take CootieBoy to one or two “go-sees” for future possible modeling jobs today. The park-and-ride has been getting worked on for the past year so that option was out. I had to find street parking. One “no parking” “two-hour parking” sign after another. I finally found a safe spot to park. Then I realized I had forgotten the boy’s bottle bag back at home. So back in the car to get that. Then I decided I was going to park at the end of our block and walk the five blocks to the bus stop. Then I realized it was freezing out and CootieBoy was sleeping very happily, why would he want to be awakened for this nonsense. So I thought maybe I’d drive into Manhattan and pay the $20 for parking. Or $40 for two go-sees. Then I thought the roads into Manhattan would be packed. Strike that option. Then I decided that I was not cut out to be a “stage mom” and I resigned my position. Left Jaynee three messages, one more frantic than the next.

We finally spoke to each other. I tried to explain my position. She said she didn’t understand. I knew she wouldn’t. I’m very happy in my NJ lifestyle. I like driving around NJ, not having to get on a bus to “the city” any more. I never thought I’d say that. Jaynee finally got her way, she suburbanized me.

Me getting on the bus to hang out with friends is one thing, but me getting on a bus with a sleeping baby in the cold who would probably wake up and be cranky, then need his diaper changed but not before taking off two layers of clothes — or was it three?– for a go-see that MIGHT mean a paying job while I could be home working on my real estate business is another thing. Night and Day.

I’m sorry Jaynee. I know you don’t understand but it’s totally different when you don’t have to get on the bus every day. You’ll see one day. Hopefully soon. I love you. And CootieBoy and CootieGirl.

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  1. Would you still be willing to take him to JOBS – in the cases that the agency calls with actual jobs instead of go-sees? That way you know he’s getting paid and it’s worth the effort?

  2. Probably, in good weather when the park-and-ride construction is finished. Boy, I’m demanding. This is what happens when you take the boy out of the city. *lol*

  3. Denis, I understand your position as well. A sure thing is one thing, but just a go-see is another, especially when the travel conditions are not favorable.

  4. Yeagh – I agree too – I would have not even put 3 layer of clothes on the baby as I would have decided that morning I wasn’t going to take him to the “go-see”. Of course, if its a definate JOB, then thats another thing …. you know, have the agency send a car out for ME and my baby, or reimburse me for parking and lunch in Manhattan (as I would not want to take public transp., ) – Yep I’m a princess *lol* !!

  5. Denis, you know I love you, but I totally see Jaynee’s side in this. I don’t know much about child modeling, but I thought the point of “go-sees” was just that. You get paid for them and if they like what they see then you get the job. So is it if he doesn’t go to “go-sees” then he isn’t going to be seen and wont get any jobs.

    I think you could have sucked it up and taken him into the city today. He is an adorable child and I am sure a money maker…. but you wont know that until you take him in for the “go-sees”

  6. I’m on Denis’ side here. Too many obstacles to the “go see” and I’m outta there! Queue it up for another, better, day.

    D, welcome to Suburbia!

  7. Ace – CootieBoy doesn’t get paid for go-sees. He only gets paid if he gets the job based on a go-see.

    I’m going to be calling our agency to tell them to call us for jobs only – no more go-sees. I doubt we’ll get many calls, but you never know.

  8. I see Jaynee’s point too, but I tried to get to a bus to Manhattan, then I realized, this wasn’t working out. God had other plans for me today. And I was able to finally knock out a letter to past clients in our company that might yield me some listings. We’ll see.

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