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I meant to post about this last night and forgot.

I decided to find one of those “which presidential candidate is most closely aligned with my beliefs” quizzes to see who out the current crop of presidential candidates most closely aligns with my own thoughts. I found this Pick a Candidate website and filled out my answers. This is how I ended up:

Out of 25 answers:
Richardson 10
Giuliani 7
Edwards 7
Gravel 6
Clinton 5
Kucinich 3
Obama 3
Biden 3
Dodd 1
Thompson -1
Cox -1
McCain -1
Romney -4
Tancredo -4
Paul -5
Hunter -7
Huckabee -9
Brownback -14

Isn’t it amazing that a Democrat came out on top, followed by Guiliani? And not only that, but it’s a Democrat that will in NO WAY get the nomination. Such a sad thing, given that I agree with him more than any other politican in the running.

The quiz also shows me that I’m more Democrat than Republican, given that my top five only has ONE Republican! However, let me state for the record that if Guiliani wins the Republican nomination I’m TOTALLY voting for him. I love him. I guess my love of all things Franklin Delano Roosevelt (he’s my favorite past Prez) affects my thinking more than I thought.

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  1. Ok, I’m not sure how accurate that poll thingy is though. I went (cause it sounded fun) and I put Oppose abortion rights as a Key issue and it said Giuliani shared that opinion. Which is utter crud. He’s not pro-life. The whole “I wouldn’t do it myself but it needs to be an option” mealy mouth thing doesn’t make him someone that in anyone’s poll should put him as someone who’s pro-life. So I question the validity of the results.

    Guess there’s no automated quiz to replace just usin’ the noggin’, eh? πŸ™‚

  2. Beth – for someone like me who is apolitical (or claims to be, at any rate), it’s easier to take a little quiz that collates all candidate info. That was the only one I found. I’m sure as we get closer to the actual election that more accurate quizzes will be available to help me decide who to vote for. *lol*

    And you may be reading the results wrong (I know I did when I looked at it last night) – the list of issues that comes under the candidate lists all the items on which you DISAGREE with that particular candidate. So if your quiz came up with “Guiliani: 5” But then said stuff like Abortion Rights, Assault Weapon Ban, Border Fence, etc. underneath it – that means those issues are issues on which Giuliani does NOT agree with your stance.

  3. Hmm…I’ll have to go take a look, maybe I did read them wrong (how embarrassing would that be!) πŸ™‚ It certainly would make more sense as far as the Guiliani thing goes.

    But yeah, as one who has clear opinions about several issues, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be more difficult to find a quiz thingy that really “reads” me correctly. πŸ™‚

  4. I took the quiz… Biden was my top candidate followed by:

    Dodd, Clinton, Obama, Edwards. I feel as though the pole is sided with more social issues then economic issues. I am a moderate and proud of it. I myself will not be voting for Dodd.

  5. Oopps.. I meant to say i wouldn’t be voting for Biden. There are really only two candiates that are going to be up for president one on each side of the coin… so the real question should be:

    Are people voting for Hilary or Giuliani

  6. Very interesting! My top 2 candidates were John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, while my actual candidate of choice, Obama, came in 7th. None of the Republican candidates scored out of the negatives.

  7. My top three were Romney, Hunter and Huckabee. Even if you are “apolitical” as you say, how do you reconcile your traditional stand on basic moral issues and national defense with the score you got?

  8. Marmie – as I said on Jen’s post, in the poll numbers that are reflected here, I left all my choices at “meh” as far as how important they were to me. I changed a dozen or so to “important” and Richardson ended up with a higher score, and still remained on top.

    As for reconciling my stand on issues (which aren’t all traditional, by the way) and the scores I got, knowing that I put in how I honestly feel about issues, I’m comfortable with my scores.

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