Can I Be Ageist?

You know, I don’t have a problem with old people. I really don’t. My grandmother is in her 90s and I think she’s a pretty great lady. My grandfather is in his late 80s and he’s a cool guy as well.

But what’s up with the 65+ year old banker in my office who insists on degrading me in front of my co-workers and treating me like a frickin’ child when he’s the one that’s a child? Seriously, folks, this guy is a piece of work. Today he stormed into the lunch room (in front of three co-workers) and claimed that he didn’t have any info for his appointment that had just arrived. Forget the fact that we had just gone over it an hour earlier AND he had the original documentation.

And yes, we’re talking about the banker that I no longer work for. Unfortunately, I have one more week to suffer through because his new admin is on jury duty. I pray to God that the case she is on finishes by Friday, because if he ever talks to me in the tone he used about an hour ago, I’m going medieval on him. Big time. Job be damned.

Part of the problem is he’s just a complete jerk, but I think the other part of the problem is that he just needs to retire. He’s OLD. He’s also old-fashioned and treats his secretaries like lesser beings. How do I know this? Well, aside from the fact that I’ve worked for him for two years, I think the fact that he’s had FIVE ADMINS IN AS MANY YEARS is a testament to what this guy is like. NO ONE likes working for him and his admins drop like flies. He’s consistently condescending and always over-bearing.

This week was suppposed to be my “dream week” in which he gets the best admin support he’s ever had because I know the end is in sight. However, his public display toward me today just turned a new leaf – if he thought he had escaped the Wrath of Jaynee he’s got another think coming because one condesending word from him this week and I’m going off on him. If my mom is reading this now (and she’s been known to read occasionally), let me apologize to her that I’m NOT GOING TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK ON THIS ONE. Two years of degrading behavior on his part is enough, in my mind.

I’ve just become The Admin From Hell.

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  1. Hey, I know to stay out of your way when you are on a tear…but turning the other cheek is still good advice. “Seventy times seven…”

  2. Another case of the bible misinterpreted, that’s what you get when it’s Judas’ turn to take notes. The rube never took shorthand…

    What Jesus meant to say, and I have this on good authority, is “…turn the other cheek (best face forward and all), pause to take a cleansing breath, gather a dusty sandal and use it to beat the fear of God (my dad) into him.”

    Good taste dictates, however, that you use more substantial shoe wear for bankers of the ancient demonic kind.


  3. ok – Jaynee – I have literally picked myself up off the floor after reading your latest tirade against our co-worker – I am almost tempted to print it out and bring it over to him !!! *lol* !! jsut to let him know that YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE – and if he comes hear me, so help me please – for i fear the what wrath my irish temper will have on him (And you know i know how to use it – office and job be damned – This is Jaynee’s sanity at stake here people !!)

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