Camp Marmie Arrives!

I didn't think they'd be up for it this summer, but my parents have announced their desire to have our young ones come stay at their place for a week.  Frankly, I was surprised, given the chaos in their lives the past several months.  They were due to close on a new home in December, but it got delayed until April.  Then once they finally got the keys to the new digs they started in on some major upgrades to the home to make it work for them in their retirement years.  My mom doesn't do well with chaos (look up the word "orderly" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of her house which is ALWAYS ready for company to drop by unannounced.  Basically, the opposite of my house).
So with all that going on, I figured Camp Marmie would be closed for the summer.  Denis mentioned the possibility of Camp Marmie a few weeks ago and I laughed at him.  "Are you crazy?" I asked.  "There's NO WAY we're doing Camp Marmie this year!"  But then, a few days later, The Marmie herself emailed and asked if we'd be interested.  INTERESTED?  WE'LL BE RIGHT OVER!
After various negotiations, the timing of it will be perfect.  Denis is due to go to central Virginia next Wednesday for a 3-day business trip, and so The Pop will meet Denis in CeVA to pick up the kids.  The ragamuffins will stay at Camp Marmie until the following Wednesday, at which time they'll bring the kids back to our house before heading off into the sunset for a much-needed post-house-construction mini-vacation (how do you like them dashes?).
Fortunately, our summer daycare provider is going to give us a partial refund for those 6 days that they'll be out – saving us some money to boot.  I'm very excited about that part, obviously.  In another bit of serendipity, I'm taking next Friday off from work so I'll basically have from Thursday at 4:45 p.m. when I get off work until Denis's return late Saturday afternoon to be <i>by myself</i>.  Those on Facebook will remember that I was lamenting that I needed a mini-vacation of my own, right?  Well, there it is!  Almost 48 hours of complete solitude during which I can do anything I want (Facial and eyebrow wax, anyone?  Lounging by the pool, anyone?  Napping at noon, anyone?  Chick flick Denis doesn't want to sit through, anyone?).
Needless to say, I'm excited.   

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  1. Yay for Camp Marmie. I look forward to sending my kids there one summer.

    We’ll have to try to see your kids while they’re up here.

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