Calling All Prayers

News. CootieBoyaccidentally scratched my eye this evening and I had to go get it looked at. It’s killing me and I can’t get to sleep. I’ve turned to Jaynee to take care of me. She’s usually not into that, but she has been very supportive of me through this pain.

I know some people can handle different levels of pain but this is really killing me and I can use everyone’s prayers to get through this. Pray that God heals my eye quickly and let’s me get some sleep to help heal my eye.

This will probably sound stupid to most people but I think this accident has made me want to be a better husband to Jaynee, a better father of course, and the best I can be for God.

I take God for granted too many times, and now in my hour of weakness I seek him, but I want to be with Him every hour of my day. Please pray for my faith to be stronger through this. Pray that He will enter me and use me.

I don’t want to live a life half hearted. I think we all want meaning for our lives and are searching for answers for why we are here. What’s this is all about? Why are we here? We all know there is deep meaning. Or at least hope that there is. Welcome to the club.

Okay. Have I rambled enough? Will I look at this in the morning, after getting some sleep eventually, and think, what was I thinking? I certainly hope not.

I can’t tell you how much Jaynee means to me. I don’t always tell her that. I don’t tell her I love her enough. Or hug her enough. Or kiss her enough. The every-dayness of life gets in the way too many times, or I let it get in the way. And I hope after this, I won’t let that happen. At least not as much.

My wife probably thinks I’m crazy for writing this, and wonders just what was in that Canadian Whiskey I was drinking to numb the pain and help me pass out, but I truly mean all that I say.

Jane is the best wife I could ever hope for and Jesus is my King. Pray for me.

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  1. What a beautiful expression of faith ~ it is just so simple when we get to the point where we recognize our need for a Savior, the One who is able meet every need, great or small, the One who has a plan and a purpose for our lives, the One who promises to be with us every moment, and Who cares about every detail. And to realize that in our desire to be the best we can be, that it is only through Him we are able to accomplish those desires, because He says, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” Jesus IS our King and He is faithful. We will continue to pray that He will touch you with His healiing and rest. God bless you, dear one.

  2. Denis, you are definitely in our prayers – for increased faith, for relief from your pain, for swift healing. We love you.

  3. Denis, I haven’t checked in for a while so this is a bit late in the writing.

    When we make Jesus the center of our existence, we can’t help but be better in our relationships. I am so happy to hear what you have to say.

    One way to grow in Him is to have an accountability partner. Remember my asking you about this? We can talk about it more if you like.

    Glad to hear that the eye is healing, gail

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