Call me Lodemai

Courtesy of InkGrrl,

My Vampire Name is Giselle Beau Pre. My my my…I love that name! So exotic! Apparently I’m also known in some parts of the world as: Lodemai of The Steely Moon. How about you? Post your name….

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  1. Wow! I found another Lodemai! Just a random find, here…trying to see what other connections there were to the name and here I am. Technology is fabu, isn’t it?

    Anyway “Sultana of Moldovia” is the other bit. 🙂 Rock on.

  2. hmmm looks like i found you afterall

    like i said b4 your quote was a bit revealing

    or maybe im just too good lol

    nah maybe not

    even still you muct mail me back

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