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I know, I know. We’re not building a house for 4-5 years (if we’re lucky), but that doesn’t stop me from continuously looking at floorplans online. I have read stories of people taking that long to even find a plan they like enough to build. And since we have nothing but time, I figured I’d keep looking since new plans are posted at various websites every other month.

The Schumacher people are still working on the floorplan changes I gave them a couple months ago. In fact, the rep even emailed me last month to apologize for not getting back to me sooner with a new mockup and I said, “Don’t worry – we’re not building for YEARS so there’s no rush.” I mean, if she doesn’t get back to me for six months with the new mockup – that’s fine with me. *lol* I know she’s hoping that once we have the plan finalized I’ll get really excited and say “Let’s build it NOW!” but the truth of the matter is we can’t AFFORD to build now – or even next year. We won’t be building until we build more equity in the house, the house rises in value, our debt goes down, and savings goes up. Until then, we ain’t buildin’.

So anyway, I found an amazing floorplan. I like 98% of the plan and would only change a couple things. Wanna see it? Okay!

Isn’t it BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL? It’s a bit bigger than I want – because it was a HUGE bonus space over the garage which adds another 500+ square feet to the house. Without that, though, it’s right in line with the size house I want to build – 3,155 square feet. It has the front porch AND a private balcony off the master bedroom which Denis wants. It had four full bedrooms (including an ensuite bedroom on the first floor) and a den which could be used as a fifth bedroom. It has a large open study area on the second floor which could TOTALLY be my library.

I did fool around in Photoshop to make some changes to the second floor – namely in the master bedroom. After being in a 13×22 bedroom I don’t think we could go down to 12×15. We’d feel incredibly cramped. So I’ve made changes. After showing them to Ace this morning he helped me realize a few other things that I could do, which I’ll mock-up tonight. Then I’ll post my version of the second floor versus the original plan.

What’s cool is that my changes wouldn’t change the actual FOOTPRINT of the house since NOTHING would change on the first floor AT ALL, well, other than removing the elevator. *lol* We don’t need an elevator.

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  1. I was thinking what would be cool would be to have a wrap-around catwalk above the family room below. So it would still be open but we could have a catwalk with a handrail going around the perimeter of that upper floor lined with built-in bookshelfs going all the way around. I may not be describing it well, but I think it would look great and serve a purpose.

  2. Denis, that’s a cool idea, but I don’t want a 2-story great room. Think of it this way – the sound in our current house ALREADY travels all the way upstairs. When I’m in CB’s room, I can hear the TV in the tv room clear as day. Imagine how much WORSE that would be if the TV (great) room in a house we build is actually two stories and completely open to the second floor? Imagine having our white elephant party and expecting the kids to sleep while it’s going on. The noise would carry through the entire upstairs and there’s NO WAY they’d be able to sleep.

  3. Don’t think that will be much of a problem. She can sleep through a storm and he’s bedroom would be on the opposite side of the building. Plus, as the kids get older, they are going to want to stay up at some point. When we build in five years, if we build, they will be 9 and 10. I think we’ll be okay by then.

  4. That’s true enough. I’d still like a bigger master bedroom though. But I think I’ve figured out a way to combine your catwalk idea with getting a bigger master. Kind of a cool idea, actually.

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