Cakes is Here!

Cakes is here – I just spoke with him and he confirmed that he and Wifey are here in Manhattan and have found an apartment already. They met up with some friends of theirs that live in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill and while touring around the area checked in with a real estate broker about apartments that were immediately available. They had originally intended on going with only a no-fee apartment, but wanted to see what the broker had to show them.

Well, the second place they went to was JUST DOWNSTAIRS FROM THEIR FRIENDS’ APARTMENT! How crazy is that? AND, the rent was exactly what they were looking to spend. So, they sign the paperwork today and move in tomorrow. I told him he did great – it’s a great area and a short one-seat commute for Cakes to get to his office in midtown. I can’t wait to see the place once they get settled.

We’re meeting up Wednesday for lunch so I can meet Wifey and congratulate them in person on finding a great apartment!

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  1. That is GREAT news… they did an outstanding job finding an apartment so quickly.

    Can’t wait to meet them this weekend if they aren’t bogged down with moving.

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