Bye Bye Satellite TV, Hello Roku!

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Last night we made it official. We cancelled our satellite TV after 12 years of service. It wasn’t that we hated them (although our HD box was notoriously unreliable), it was that we decided to switch over to on demand streaming instead. Roku, which has Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus, is infinitely cheaper when paired with a digital antenna and cable box that gets all the local channels.

We were going to cancel satellite TV a few months ago and then I realized that with the Olympics coming, I wanted to make sure I could record the shows and watch them at my leisure. Well, last I checked the Olympics ended on Sunday. So last night while Denis took the kids out to watch a movie with Cootieboy’s Cub Scout troop, I disassembled the HD DVR from the TV in the main room and hooked up the Roku.

I then called the satellite TV provider to cancel our service, and the response was comical.

“What service are you switching to?”


“Oh, is that a local cable company?”

“…uh. No. That’s a box I bought a Target which allows for streaming content.”

“Oh, I’ve never heard of that before.”

Now before you claim that the service rep must be from a foreign country, let me tell you that he sounded like he was from Kansas. Although it’s possible he was in another country and faking the Kansan accent. You never know.

Then later in the conversation in response to me telling him the HD DVR wasn’t reliable, he said he could have a technician come out an look at it. I said, “Um…that’s not necessary. I’ve already uninstalled the box and it’s sitting on my kitchen table waiting to ship it back. I’m not going to hook it back up so your tech can check it out.” That’s when he knew I was serious, and didn’t try to sell me on staying with their service.

In any event, our HD DVR box is so old (6 years) that he said we didn’t have to return it. That is fabulous news because this means I am going to attempt to hook it up to the digital cable box and get it to run as a DVR so that I can record local programming if need be.

Until I get that set up, I need to remember that I’m now back in the dismal 1990s – no DVR, so I have to sit through commercials AND if I don’t pay attention I will miss something and not be able to rewind. And I’ll need to time my bathroom breaks more efficiently.

It’s so archaic! *lol*

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