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Recently I bought something online for a fellow blogger (who shall remain nameless since she hasn’t received it yet as far as Amazon tells me). She was feeling a bit down, and had her wishlist available for readers. So I clicked on over and bought one of the items on her list last week in an attempt to make her feel loved.

Then yesterday I was surfing through another favorite blog I visit and was tempted to buy that guy something as well from his wishlist. And then I realized that I could quite possibly be insane and that if I gave in to every whim to buy something for an entertaining blogger I’d be broke within a month.

So stop posting your wishlists online. Or else I’ll be forced to post mine and make you buy me stuff too. Either that, or I need to go and find some REALLY boring blogs and become a regular there instead. That way I won’t be so inclined to buy them stuff. Although I could feel so bad about their horrible blogs that I buy them things too.

*sigh* It’s never-ending. I will be broke within a month.

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  1. Yay! The good news is the item I ordered arrived to it’s intended recipient. As I told her, it’s ironic that my “cheer up” gift came just as her life got good again. So I’m a day late. But she’ll have a new book to read nonetheless. =)

  2. Whoever it is, make her read your “Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy” book and that will cheer her up.

  3. it was me! it was me! and denis, that book doesn’t sound nearly as good as what jaynee got me. thank you a million times over! it is so perfect. you are so perfect jaynee 🙂

  4. I think I’ll have to start posting my wish list on Cootiehog so I can my wife to start sending me surprises. *grin*

  5. Listen, pal, the next surprise you’ll probably get from me is a tearful “I’m pregnant – with TRIPLETS!”, so be careful what you ask for…

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