But What About The Punctuation???

Yesterday CootieBoy had his weekly technology class (read: computers),
during which his teacher told them about how the fingers of the left
hand go on ASDF and the fingers of the right hand go on LKJH, with
thumbs placed on the space bar. CG was very pleased that had learned
this in school, and asked me if that’s how I kept my hands on the

I told him that I had never taken a typing course, but had actually
taught myself when I was in 4th-5th grade, playing on my dad’s
super-cool TRS-80 computer. Back then I knew a little bit of the
BASIC programming language and would write simple codes to do fun
things on the computers. I also played a couple computr games which
required typing commands (“get ax,” “hit troll,” and “go left”). By
the time I got to college I figured the easiest way to earn spending
money was to type up other people’s term papers, and a future career
as a word processor was born.

CB commented about how fast I can type (109 wpm when I did a typing
test on Facebook last week). “Do you put your fingers on the keys
where they are supposed to go?” he asked.

“No,” I replied. “I don’t do the ASDF, LKJH method.”

“Then how do you type the punctuation?” he asked me, with some concern.

“I suppose I use the pinky and ring finger on my right hand.”

“But I can’t do that!” he suddenly wailed. “I have to use my pinky!”

“Well, no, you can use whatever is most comfortable for you. I don’t
use my pinky.”


“Um….with your pinky?”


Note to self: don’t tell CB how I type in numbers – his head may
explode if he finds out I use the number pad on the side instead of
the numbers along the top.

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  1. When I took typing in high school, eleventy thousand years ago, the “home” keys were ASDF and ;LKJ. G and H were not touched until needed. If his teacher is saying LKJH, I don’t think that is the “correct” way, (whatever that means).

  2. You may have a security hole. I actually put that comment in, but it had all of your information in the form (name, email, website). Or is that a leftover from you posting to the blog from my computer?

  3. And you are right that the official way to type is not LKJH, but I think that’s what Duncan was recalling on his own because he doesn’t know what colons or semicolons are, and I doubt they were addressed in class. =)

  4. That is very cute! I learned the “old” home row type of typing in school, with ASDF JKL; too. I wonder if it has changed due to the computer symbols. I hate to say that my first typing class was on a Royal manual typewriter. Man I’m OLD!!!

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