But I Don’t Know The Password

This morning’s Synergy workout went well. There were seven of us and we did the same aerobic tape we’ve been using since the beginning. It’s finally getting easier for us to do this particular tape, but I’m going to do it another two Saturdays in order for the less fluid people to feel like they really got a grasp on the movements. Then I’ll switch to another tape.

Getting into the office this morning was interesting. I unlocked the door and instead of hearing the alarm beep, I heard “Attention! Please leave! The alarm is going and the police have been called! Exit immediately!” I quickly typed in the code on the alarm and the alarm continued acting as though I was an intruder. Now completely panicked, I tried one more time and finally the code went through and the alarm disabled.

Two seconds later the phone rang. I picked it up and it was the alarm company.

“Do you need assistance at your location?”

“No,” I said, “I put in the passcode into the alarm twice and it wouldn’t take it. But now it says disarmed and it’s okay.”

“Do you know the password?”


“What is your name?”

I told her.

She thanked me and hung up. A couple minutes later the first two ladies walked in the door and we were chatting. Then I saw a police car pull up, lights flashing.

I went outside and told him everything was okay, but he said he still had to walk through the building (room, really – we don’t have the whole building, just a room). He walked in and saw two other women in workout clothes and an aerobics videotape going on the tv. He realized we weren’t there to steal computers and promptly left.

I feel bad – I hope the church doesn’t have to pay for that call to the cops. I know most alarm companies make you pay for anytime the cops come and it’s not an emergency.

Stupid alarm.

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