Busy Weekend Already!

We’ve had a busy weekend already! Yesterday’s day off was helpful – I was able to inventory my entire collection of post-86 Fiesta so that I wouldn’t accidently double order particular items. While I did that, Denis ran errands and mowed the lawn. We crashed about 10pm – for some reason we were both really tired.

This morning I got up bright and early to feed CootieGirl at 5:30am, then we settled downstairs to watch Bear in Big Blue House and The House of Pooh. We both quickly fell back asleep, but awoke at 7:30am. I came up to the computer and input all of my Fiesatware tallies (and ordered a few extra pieces from the Outlet online). Denis is downstairs cleaning out the fridge and getting rid of stuff that’s past it’s date. It’s now 9am so we’re going to head to the gym. My thighs really hurt from taking 29 flights of stairs on Thursday so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to run on the treadmill, but I’m going to hop in the pool if I can, the first time in a long time I’ll go in the pool.

Then once we get back from the gym we can just loll about doing nothing. I’ll probably do a load of laundry and watch “Lawrence of Arabia”. I’m concerned about Netflix because I returned a movie about 5 days ago and they have yet to contact me about it’s return. Usually it only takes 2 days for them to receive the movies I send back. Hopefully there wasn’t a problem, although it would be my first one since I joined last February, which is a pretty good record, actually!

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  1. We’ve been on Netflix for over a year now (yay Netflix!) and we’ve had one get lost in the mail on its way back. Just let them know on the site. They don’t start distrusting you and looking at you funny until you’ve lost several. A shame, it was a good movie, too. 🙂

  2. How ’bout some news CootieGirl Pics? I have to keep up with the changes that are taking place daily. You probably don’t see them like we do. Can’t wait to hold her – seven more days!

  3. Plenty of new CootieGirl pics up there for you, Marmie. And next week you get the real thing. Too bad you can’t stay a little longer with us.

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