Busy Schedule Coming Up!

I just updated our Cootie Calendar and looking at it just exhausts me.

Coming up next week, Denis and I are going to go out for fondue with L-Train and Nic from my office. I’m very excited. It’s part of the Charlotte Queen’s Feast week. We get a full four-course meal for $30 per person. Considering Melting Pot’s four-course meal is normally $90 pp, it’s a major bargain.

The week after that we have not one, but TWO nights out. At the last minute we decided to get tickets to see Idina Menzel in concert. She is the woman who was so brilliant on Broadway in the original cast of “Wicked.” She is also married to actor Taye Diggs. Most people nowadays may know her as Patrick Dempsey’s girlfriend in last year’s hit movie “Enchanted.” Anyway, she has a new album out, and the tickets were cheap, so we went for it.

The other night out is to see the touring version of “Avenue Q” which is the Sesame-Street-for-Adults Broadway play. We wanted to see it when it first hit the stage in NYC many years ago, but never got around to it. So it’ll be nice to finally check this one off our list.

In August I’m the one that has an event – I’m going to the American Idol concert here in Charlotte. CAN’T WAIT. And of course, the next day is CootieBoy’s birthday (he has requested a Star Wars cake). I plan on taking that day off, so I may take him to a movie as a special treat since we’re not throwing him a party.

In September we have the Last Comic Standing Show. We really enjoyed it last year, so I’m sure we’ll enjoy it this year although as of right now they have one or two clinkers that better not make it to the tour. We’ll see. Either way we have SECOND ROW SEATS.

October has two things – one for CootieGirl, and one for us. Denis will be taking her to see the children’s production of “Peter Pan” at the ImaginOn in Charlotte. Then a week later Denis and I have second row seats (again!) to see David Sedaris’ latest book reading.

In November we’ll be going to NYC for over a week to celebrate Thanksgiving and visit with his family, whom we haven’t seen in two years. Then in December the whole family will be going to see “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at the children’s theater. We’re staying in SC for the Christmas holiday this year, which will be nice.

We thought briefly about getting more children’s theater tickets for the kids, but opted to take them each to one by themselves. CootieGirl’s was “Peter Pan,” and CootieBoy’s will be “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” in February.

And who knows what will get scheduled in between all of those things! Our babysitter is gonna LOVE us though. *lol*

Oh, and we’ve opted to cancel our trip to Quebec next April. Airplane tix have been hovering around $500 per person and that’s too rich for my blood. So we’ll find a timeshare within driving distance that we can go to – hopefully someplace like Savannah, Charleston, or Hilton Head.

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  1. I thought for sure you were going to say that CB wanted an Indiana Jones Cake, but Star Wars is Cool. Speaking Star Wars, I am not sure if you know this, but in August they are releasing “Clone Wars”. Its Lucas’ Cartoon version of what happened between movies 2 and 3 I believe. It looks pretty good. I think maybe you should take him to see that the day after. If you are going with a star wars theme.

    That is all.


  2. Ace, I think he has Star Wars on the brain because the Indiana Jones Wii game has six Star Wars characters hidden in the game. We’ve uncovered four of them so far, and he LOVES it when they come on the screen. So I think that’s where his request stems from.

  3. Speaking of Wii…

    I was suprised to find out the the PS3 Version of Top Spin is Wi-Fi but the Wii version (as you mentioned isn’t). Wonder why they did that.

    The PS3 Version is awesome, but you have the Wii Sports so why spend the extra money on fancy names.

    Still having no luck with Mario Kart. Grrr

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