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My bosses gave me a couple days of relaxation and have finally given me a workload. Today I’ve been making books most of the day. *sigh* Last night as I made my way to the Port Authority I realized that there’s one thing I didn’t miss during my maternity: THE CITY. Now, if I was single and living in Manhattan I’m sure I’d feel differently, but I hate working in the city. Traffic is annoying, tourists are even more annoying, Rock Center is the most annoying, and sometimes you have to wonder if a 90-minute commute each way is worth it.

I like my quiet suburban life. That’s the life for me. Sure, the city has lots to offer by way of entertainment, food, culture, blah blah blah. And believe me I’m no fan of malls and other suburban blights, but the suburbs are just better because they are so relaxing.

I bet I’d love living in the country…

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  1. I love NYC, to visit, but I wouldn’t want to work or live there. Jane Austen loved Bath, it was her favorite spot for vacationing, but when her father announced the family was moving there to live, she secluded herself in her room and cried for days.

  2. Jaynee cried for years when she knew she was coming up to NY to live. I think she’s happier now living in the burbs. One day we’ll be in North Carolina or Tennessee. I still think looking for work in NJ is a viable option.

  3. Oh Denis – Just start looking for work in Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee (or any place down there) “now” as opposed to “later” !!
    Why put it off ?!! *lol* !!

    Just do it already !
    I’m sure CootieGirl would love being in that part of the country ….

  4. Mare-Bear, I still have a mom and family I’d like to be close to in NY, and until CootieGirl is a teen, I don’t think she’ll know the difference between a suburb of NJ or one in Tennessee. If you agree to move down there with us, I’ll start looking.

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