Busy Days and Long Tired Nights

So I thought this trip to VA might be a relaxing time for me before I head back to work. Boy was *I* wrong! I’m sleeping worse here than I did at home! It’s mainly because COOTIEGIRL has a different sleeping situation, which is affecting me. Yes, we continue to share the bed, and she continues to not only hog the bed, but last night she also woke up at 4:30 a.m. and was ready to play. I had just finished giving CootieBoy his bottle and was dead tired when CootieGirl woke up and proceeded to start playing with me – smacking my face, crawling all over me, peering over at CootieBoy in the pack/n/play, and trying to have a conversation. It was non-stop. Finally, around 6 a.m. I gave up trying to keep an eye on her and just rolled over and went to sleep, trusting that she’d be okay. Sure enough, at 7:30 a.m. when CootieBoy woke up, CootieGirl was out cold with her feet in my face.

Today we visited my cousin Jessica, who had a baby girl about a month ago. I’ll be posting pictures upon my return to NJ. We had them lay together in the pack/n/play and it’s amazing the difference between the two babies! Natalie is dark haired, whereas CootieBoy is blonde/red. Natalie is sweet and calm whereas CootieBoy is fussy and always on the move. In fact, in one picture it looks as though CootieBoy is clotheslining poor Natalie!

Tomorrow is church and then I get a “baby-free” afternoon. My pal Gladys and I are meeting up for lunch and a movie while Marmie takes care of the two kiddies for those few hours. With any luck I’ll get to take a nap on Monday sometime – that would be glorious. Because I have a feeling that CootieGirl will wake me up again tonight. The girl can’t help it.

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