Busy Day

So do you love how the day after I get national exposure I don’t post a single thing? *lol*

I’ve been on the go since this morning. Early morning was Synergy – my biweekly workout at church. We did Tae Bo and the Power Mile Walk again and surprisingly it wasn’t nearly as hard as it was last week. Okay wait – it was still hard, but not REALLY hard. That is encouraging. Sue brought in another Tae Bo tape so next week we’ll do a full hour – that should kick it up a notch or two!

Then I came home and Denis and I tried to install our new window blind for the front window. Lots of frustration ensued because we couldn’t get the new blind on the old brackets even though they are the exact same for both the new and old blinds. We finally gave up when Denis had to go to work.

Just as he left for work I put the kids down for naps and caught up on Tivo a bit. I finally got around to watching this past week’s “Alias” and can I just say two things about it? Yay for having the “freaks and geeks” guy on but BOO to the cheesy mini-helicopter thing as a weapon. What a joke that was.

CootieGirl eventually woke up and proceeded to play the day away – her playroom looks like a tornado hit it, but she had fun and is great at keeping herself entertained. And thankfully, she believes in using ALL of her toys (which the playroom can attest to) as opposed to ignoring all of them and yet demanding more.

At about 3 p.m. CootieGirl tried to get in CootieBoy’s swing, and got really mad with me when I told her she was too old and too big and that it might break. She started crying so I said, “Look, when Daddy comes home, you walk up to him and you say ‘Park!’ and maybe he’ll take you to the park where you can swing.”

Do you know that about an hour later Denis came home and she came running from the playroom, went right up to him for a quick hug, and then stepped back and said, “Park!” Denis didn’t quite know what she was saying but I knew exactly what she said and couldn’t believe that an hour of activity went by and she still remembered. Because even I had forgotten at that point.

So the family bundled up in the van and drove to the park where CootieBoy enjoyed the brisk air with me while Denis escorted CootieGirl around the various playground amenities. About 30 minutes later we hopped back in the van and drove home, where we proceeded to finish putting up the blind, and then made pancakes for dinner (CootieGirl helped make the batter and did it with gusto (read: milk went everywhere).

I just finished giving her a bath and putting her to bed, and downstairs Denis is watching basketball and feeding CootieBoy a bottle. In good news, CootieBoy actually slept the whole night last night. Finally! I had forgotten what that was like over the past week.

Tonight is basketball (I’m in the middle of the pack in the pool but if Florida and Louisville win their games this weekend then I’m sitting pretty as the highest score person with Kentucky as the final pick).

And that’s your update for Saturday. Have a good evening!

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  1. I liked your day. I like the way you write…interesting. I’m a writer, too—poet. Mary

    P.S. I LUV taking kids to a park.

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Busy Day!

I think today is going to be a busy day. I ogt here at 9 a.m. today (late for me). It’s now only 9:55 a.m. and I’ve already:

  • Scheduled three conference calls
  • Made dinner reservations for one boss
  • Input names into the building roster for entry for a meeting tomorrow
  • Printed out half a dozen documents
  • Reviewed emails with one boss that is out traveling
  • Made edits to a document due at the end of the week
  • Input half a dozen names to the contact database
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    Busy Day

    We were originally planning on leaving our house about now to go to Virginia, but last night Denis made an appointment to help a client make an offer on a house they saw recently, and they were only available today at 1 p.m. And all things being relative, I think earning a living is more important than leaving early for vacation.

    We’ve made arrangements for our friends to come check on the kitties and our pipes in case they freeze, but Denis has been working diligently over the past two days to fix the valves on our radiators and I think we’re actually going to be okay on that front despite the projected weather going into the teens on December 25-27.

    This morning I wrapped up all the gifts we’re taking with us – I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I’ve also got a load of laundry finishing up. It’s actually good that we didn’t have to leave so early because we had a LOT to do this morning!!

    We’ll be leaving around 3:30 p.m. today and have opted to take the scenic route down instead of New Jersey Turnpike because NJTP would make us hit rush hour traffic in the DC area, which is never pretty. So we’ll end up getting to my parents house around 9 p.m. tonight.

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    Busy Day!

    I ended up having a busy day! My doctor appointment went well – the c-section has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 18th. Then Denis suggested a movie since CootieGirl is in daycare, so we drove over to the theater and saw “Spiderman 2” which we both liked.

    Then we went to Target where we bought a new valance for the bathroom, as well as some shorts for CootieGirl – she has tons of long pants, but now that the temps are averaging 82-85 each day, it’s time she have shorts. We also bought some blue bibs just to keep up with the stereotype that infant boys don’t want to wear “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” pink bibs.

    I came home while Denis went over to his office, and I promptly took a “before” picture of Denis’ bathroom and began painting the cabinetry. The first coat is now drying and I must say I quite like it. I’ll do the second coat tomorrow night after work, as well as doing the mirror. I put up the burgundy valance and I have to say it looks weird having a valance up where curtains used to be, no matter how neutral those curtains were. On Thursday I’ll put the carpeting back in, as well as any accessories I buy for the bathroom, and other than pictures, we should be done in there. We looked at pictures at Target but didn’t see anything that struck either of us.

    So now Denis is making lasagna for dinner while I type, and tonight The Boys are coming over for Big Brother/The Amazing Race night. The kicker? Denis may have to leave and go show a house tonight – which would suck only if the potential buyers end up deciding to make an offer – at that point Denis may be gone the entire night! =(

    My stomach hurts from that movie popcorn. You’d think I’d learn at some point to avoid that stuff.

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    Busy Day

    Today is going to be a busy day. I have to go to the gym, go to the grocery store, get my nails done, go to Costco, clean the house, finish the laundry, go to Kohl’s, and go to the post office. I’m hoping to get to the post office right at 9 a.m. this morning so I can get that done immediately. Then I’ll head to the gym and work out for a couple hours. I’m going to go continue the laundry right now so that I’m in the last stages of that while doing everything else!

    I’m amazed that I’m going back to work on Monday – today and tomorrow are my last “free” days. Today is Chore Day, tomorrow is Buffy Day – Ace is coming over and we’re going to watch all our favorite episodes of Buffy. I’m going to find out if he wants to go to the gym with me in the morning though. THEN we’ll do Buffy. Denis goes out to see a play tomorrow night with Ed, so we’ll have from about noon until 10 p.m. to watch Buffy. How awesome is THAT?

    Anyway, because of today’s schedule, you’ll get no other postings from me today – so have a great day!

    Update at 3:40 p.m.: Gym? Check! Grocery store? Check! Costco? Check! Post Office? Check! Kohl’s? Check! Finish Laundry? Check! All that’s left on that list is getting my nails done and cleaning the house. But I’ll wait and clean the house this weekend, and I can get my nails done Saturday as well. YAY! I accomplished a lot today and it’s only 3:40 p.m.!

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    Busy Day

    I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Gym, grocery store, possible cat groomer’s, and Target. I don’t think I’ll be home at all, now that I think about it.

    Maternity leave ends in two weeks. Need to make the most of it.

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    1. Maternity leave can’t end soon enough if you ask me – Things are getting more and more unberable by the hour … Hurry Back Here ASAP !!!!!

      I am ready to leave, walk out, never come back, head held high as I make my exit ……

      Hurry back before I am forced to do just that ….!!

    2. Less than two more weeks, Mare-Bear. You can do it!!!!! When are you coming out to NJ with Sully to see the baby?

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    Busy Day

    You know it’s going to be a busy day when you’ve been up since 5:40 a.m. and in those first two hours you managed to mop the kitchen floor, feed a baby, change her diaper TWICE, complete your child care registration forms and respond to some emails.

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    1. Almost as busy as my long day yesterday. Started before 6 a.m. and didn’t end at the office until after 10 p.m. and the day didn’t end until after midnight. That’s one long day. You are so going to hate going back to work in a month. *lol*

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