Busy Day Today!

This morning I woke up and promptly colored my hair. It’s not a true blonde, but it is lighter than it has been and a nice first step toward being a true blonde again this summer. In about an hour I’ll be heading out to get my haircut. I originally planned on keeping my hair long for our trip to Disney so that I could just wear it in a ponytail the whole week. But it’s just TOO long now and it has reach a point where it’s just annoying. So I’m getting it chopped off today.

Then I’ll be heading over to “Chick Day” which is something that all the ladies from lifegroup are doing. It’s just a few hours for ourselves with no men or kids around. It’s only for a few hours but I’m looking forward to it. The woman who pitched the idea envisioned us getting gussied up in heels and fancy clothes – but I’m not sure I’ll be doing that.

During this time Denis is taking the kids over to some festival that is being hosted by our electric company. Apparently if you go and register that you have attended, you get $25 taken off your next electric bill. I’m all over that since we’ve started running our A/C periodically!

Once home we have a handyman coming over to look into installing a chimney cap on our chimney (to keep birds and squirrels from coming into our house again) as well a fixing our garage door opener. We have had some issues in town recently with car break-ins and attempted car thefts, so we want to start parking the cars in the garage again. Plus, with summer approaching I’m NOT going to want to get into my car and begin melting because it’s so hot in there already. So parking in the garage again will be a good thing.

Then I’ll be heading out to a party to celebrate all the hard work our former music minister has done over the past couple years. Denis was originally going to go but our babysitter ended up going home for the month of May (she’s a college student) and while she volunteered to make the 90 minute trip to come watch the kids, I told her that was not even consideration because she’d be spending what she earns on gas money just to babysit! So Denis will be staying home while I head over for an hour or so to the party.

Phew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

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