Busy Day Today

First let me say a big Phew! as to who got booted off American Idol last night. Given that DialIdol.com had Kris at the bottom I was VERY worried. Alas, the proper person was booted and now I’m satisfied with all the ones we have left – they are all deserving to be in the Top 7.

I finished up a quick freelance gig yesterday. I’ll get paid sometime next week, and she liked my work and plans on sending more my way. I’m very happy about that. She has some great connections and with any luck she’ll pass my name along.

I also got confirmation yesterday as to what I’ll be getting in unemployment payments and after taxes it’s a nice amount – I’ll feel much more comfortable as those payments begin coming in (the first one should arrive within the next couple of days).

Today we leave for Virginia to see Baby Molly Ann in Virginia. The kids and I will be up there through next Friday, but Denis is driving up separately and will be coming back on Sunday so that he can go to work on Monday.

And with that I’m off – have lots to do before I go pick up CB from preschool. We’re leaving for Virginia as soon as CG gets out of school, so I need to get everything done by 2:30 p.m. today.

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