Busy Day Planned

Wow do we have a busy day planned today. Denis is heading out to Costco this morning and when he gets back we’ll be heading over to a summer festival a couple towns over. After a couple hours there we’ll come back and I’ll head out to see “Mamma Mia” with my free pass that expires next week. Once the movie ends I’ll be heading over to Lowe’s to pick up some of the floor tiles for the kitchen floor project, and also possibly the storm doors if they have the ones we want in stock (or order them if they aren’t). Our handyman is scheduled to come in two weeks so I want to start getting the materials now to make sure we have everything.

After that Denis and CootieGirl are heading out to a baseball game while CootieBoy and I go play putt-putt. The baseball game should be fun because it’s a big giveaway night AND they are doing fireworks. Putt-putt will be fun for me because kids under 5 are FREE so I’m basically just paying for ME to play. That’s one perk of having young kids. *lol*

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