Busy Day!

I’ve been on the go today, and not just with work! This day is speeding by and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. While I like fast days, I don’t like feeling like things are falling behind.

Besides the numerous dictation jobs today, I had a WW meeting. I earned my 4th 5-lbs star and lost 20.4 pounds in 16 weeks on the at-work WW program. Nice work! I was very happy about that. This was the last meeting here at work, but I think 5-6 of us have committed to attend the meetings at a nearby church. As long as we go in the next 4 weeks we can avoid having to pay the registration fee all over again. I wish I could just pay for the meetings I want to attend though – I’d go every other week if I could do that. I don’t want to go every week anymore. But I don’t think that’s an option.

In other news, I booked our timeshare for our trip to NYC for Thanksgiving week. I thought I had messed up because I had put a hold on the timeshare I wanted, but then cancelled the hold in order to do one more search. In the end I opted to go back to that resort and confirm it, but when I did the new search to include it, it didn’t show up! Ack! So I put in a call to RCI and they straightened it out for me. Not only that, but the rep got me a better space. Originally all that showed being available was a one-bedroom with two double beds, but she got me a 2-bedroom so that the kids will have a room to themselves like they did in Disney. Phew! So now I just need to make sure I save three vacation days to use the week of Thanksgiving.

So now it’s back to dictation for me. Mr. BIL is at the courthouse right now and may not be back until after 3 p.m. So I can do the dictation with no interruptions. That’s always nice!

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  1. Cactii – I do talk about TV a lot, don’t I? Heh. But, I not only work but I’m married and have kids – so TV is my “escape” once I get home. You just happened to catch me at a time when I had three TV posts in a row. That usually doesn’t happen. =)

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