Busy Day!

Wow – what a busy day today. Mr. BIL kept me busy up until about 5 p.m. today. And I still have one more piece of dictation to finish (but will do tomorrow).

Fortunately, by being busy today the hours really sped by, which is always nice on a Monday!

Oh, and did I tell you? Remember how I only had to lose 8 ounces to reach my 30 pound goal? Yeah, well, so much for that. True to form, knowing that I was so close, I opted to go the other route and chowed down on KFC, french toast, pancakes, chocolate biscuits, cake, and other various not-good-for-me high calorie items throughout the rest of the weekend. My body went into full protest mode and promptly gained 1.5 pounds as of this morning! *lol* But man – it was a good weekend though. And I know by Wednesday/Thursday it’ll be gone as well as that extra 8 ounces that I needed to lose on Saturday.

Tonight our goal is to get the kids to bed early. I may see if Denis wants to rent a movie with the free RedBox code we get every Monday. But it depends on if he wants to go to the gym or not.

Okay, let me finish up my last projects of the day and get outta here.

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  1. Lori, I signed up at the RedBox website to receive phone text messages every Monday that lists the free code for that day.

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