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Yesterday was a busy day. I took the day off not only for my doctor appointment but because it was the day after my birthday. After my appointment late in the morning, my mom (who is visiting) and I drove over to JC Penney to pick up some new towels for Denis’ bathroom (which I’m redecorating because it’s U-G-L-Y). It was a busy however, when they didn’t have the types of towels I wanted. We came home and chilled over some lunch and Days of Our Lives, then I left to meet Denis for an afternoon movie. Mom stayed home for some CootieGirl quality time.

Denis and I saw “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, which I enjoyed. It seemed like a glossed-over version of the book, which was pretty intense and detailed, but I felt it was still pretty faithful to the book and was never boring. PoA is my favorite of the five HP books, so I was concerned I would be disappointed, but I wasn’t. Those kids sure are growing up – and they better get a move on with the fourth movie before they outgrow the roles!

Then last night after some dinner, which Denis was out taking care of work stuff, Mom and I settled in to watch “Lorna Doone”. I was tired, but managed to stay awake and really enjoyed it. It’s part of the whole A&E movie series that Denis bought for me from Costco a few months back. The set of DVDs came with 5-6 miniseries made by A&E, and this one was worthy of being alongside “Pride & Prejudice” (mmmm…Colin Firth).

This morning I’m back at work, doing my thing. Surprisingly, I’m not swamped – I thought I’d come in to a desk covered in requests, but it’s been surprisingly light, and one of my bosses is leaving at 12:30 p.m. for the rest of the day. Nice….

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  1. I beleive that they have already started shooting the 4th movie that is due out Nov. 2005 and the 5th book is due out June of 2007. No mention yet if the entire cast and characters have signed on for the 5th movie, but everyone is back with a few additions for the 4th movie. Which is my favorite of all the books. Namely because they bring back Mertle and Doby.

  2. For some good Colin Firth stuff get What a Girl Wants. I watched it this weekend and it was cheesy-cute in that teen movie kind of way. But it’s Colin in all of his brooding glory and there’s one scene with him in black leather pants that’s HILARIOUS.

    I remember reading the book when I was very young… I might just have to borrow your DVD’s to watch it now too

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