Busy Busy Day!

I can’t believe how busy today has been. I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight and tomorrow after church. Today we 1) went to Babies R Us to get CootieGirl’s toddler bed mattress, 2) went to Costco for supplies, 3) ate dinner out (I know – totally outside the budget, but the place was next to Costco and we were hungry), and 4) put together CootieGirl’s toddler bed (it’s adorable). Needless to say CootieGirl went to sleep the moment we got home – it was a long day for her as well!

Denis and I began talking about minor projects we want to do in the house – more of a rearranging of all our crap. It’s all in an effort to make CootieGirl and CootieBoy’s room a bit more workable. We’ve decided to move the rocker into our room, which means moving my grandmother’s chair to the sunroom, which means cleaning off that chair, which means ironing all of Denis’ shirts. In the meantime, moving the chair to the sunroom means we have to breakdown Cooper’s crate (which he never uses anyway), which means we have to clean off the TOP of the crate (it’s a junkcatcher on there). All those things just to accomplish two REALLY MINOR things: rocker in our room, chair in sunroom.

We’ve decided to take the leaf out of the dining room table just to make it a little more roomy in there. Besides, in less than two weeks we’ll need to bring in the swing for CootieBoy and need room for that.

What we NEED to do is invest in two more metal bookcases from Home Depot and clean up the garage – right now it’s a pit and could use more than a little organization.


So many things to do. Has my nesting instinct taken over? Not quite – because I have NO DESIRE to do any of the things I just outlined.

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  1. Nothing hard is ever easy. Gotta love the quest for organization ~ I am in the midst of that, too. It’ll be great once you’re done and ready for CootieBoy. Can’t wait to see the changes in the nursery! Can’t wait, period!

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