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Today we are taking Stinky to the vet. She has had some really ragged breathing for about a month now. We tried to treat it homeopathically, to no avail. So it’s time to fork out some dough to get a professional opinion. Hopefully the bill won’t be too high, so it’s not an expense we can necessarily afford (however, seeing as our cats NEVER get sick, the overall vet expenses for our cats is relatively small).

The kids are enjoying summer thus far. We go to the pool almost every day (I’d say 5 out of 7 days a week). CootieGirl is amazing in the water and I’m going to stop her lessons because she doesn’t NEED them – she has already taught herself how to swim under water for a few yards. She does cannonball jumps into the water, and can do handstands under the water. She’s thisclose to being able to float on her back for more than 2-3 seconds. She’s amazing and I’m very proud of her. CootieBoy is doing well, too. He is now comfortable jumping into the pool but still likes to have his floaties on and panics about sinking every now and again.

My freelance work continues to go well. I’m between drafts of a document right now, and the client asked if I’d be willing to work on a spreadsheet for them. I did that last night and this morning. So now I just wait for the second round of edits, which will hopefully arrive by Thursday morning.

Yesterday I ordered some prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical, which is that popular online discount eyeglasses company. I blogged about them about a year ago, but just recently decided to get prescription sunglasses. My total cost? $17 – and that includes shipping. They should arrive in a couple weeks.

The kids are in VBS this week at a local church and have been enjoying it. They’ll be at another church’s VBS next week as well. This week they go at night, and next week will be the morning. Last night they told me all about what they learned (Peter walking on the water to Jesus), and so last night I read that chapter to CB out of his Bible as a way to follow-up.

We had a nice visit with our friends Ted and Anne on Saturday night, followed by breakfast on Sunday morning before they headed to Gettysburg, PA and we went to church. I think they’ve already RSVPd for our White Elephant party in December. =)

I turn 40 years old this weekend. Hard to believe! I don’t feel 40 in the slightest. I still feel 27 years old. I’ve said this before – but I stopped aging mentally when I got married in 1997. Haven’t aged a day in my mind since then. So turning 40 on Saturday? No biggie whatsoever.

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  1. Hey, enjoyed your post. Sounds like your have a busy family life. There is nothing better than family!
    You mentioned a white elephant party… We are big fans of the white elephant gift exchange and we have done this in our family for years.
    When our kids grew and left home we started doing the white elephant party online. Your family might find it a unique way to share gifts as well: http://www.party2point0.wordpress.com

    Happy Birthday on Saturday!

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